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which would have impacted the outcome of the complaint. The accused

must (a) present the new evidence, (b) explain why it was unavailable

prior to the original decision and (c) prove that the new evidence may

have altered the outcome.

3. Severity of the Disciplinary Action: The accused believes that the

disciplinary action issued was excessive.

iii. The Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs may grant a rehearing,

order a new hearing, reduce or modify the suspension or expulsion,

grant other appropriate relief or uphold the original decision. Upon

conclusion of all appeal activities, a final decision will be made within

21 calendar days.

f. If the appeal results in a the reversal of the decision or a change to the sanction,

the institution may reimburse the student for any tuition and fees paid

to the institution for the period of suspension or expulsion which had

not been previously refunded.


The Student Senate is the governing body elected by the students for the students. The

Student Senate provides a link between students and administration and coordinates

activities to meet students’ needs in education, culture, social activity, and general welfare.

Students arrive at Lake Region State College withmany interests and skills which continually

develop along with new interests and skills. Students at the college have the opportunity to

organize and join associations that promote common interests. Any organization that would

like to be affiliated with Lake Region State College must follow certain guidelines set by the

Student Senate.

Initiation rite and/or hazing by any Lake Region State College affiliated organization is

prohibited by state law and carries a Class A misdemeanor if conduct causes physical harm.

Otherwise the offense is a Class B misdemeanor. Also, Lake Region State College reserves

the right to carry out disciplinary measures on campus, up to and including suspension from


To secure recognition from the Student Senate, all such Lake Region State College

organizations must meet the following conditions:

01. Have a purpose for the club which will benefit the college in some manner,

as demonstrated by written bylaws/constitution to be submitted to the

Student Senate.

02. Secure a faculty advisor for the club.

03. Submit a list of elected officers to the Student Senate.

04. Submit a copy of the minutes from each meeting to the Student Senate.

05. Put forth a candidate from their organization in the Student Senate election.

06. Sponsor at least one campus-wide activity per semester.

Upon recognition, the following benefits will be received by the organization:

01. Use of college facilities

02. Space in the college catalog

03. Financial support by application to the Campus Activities Board

The Student Senate may, by 2/3 vote, revoke any of the particular privileges of a club for due