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1031 7th Street NE, Devils Lake, ND 58301


2. Altru Health Systems

1001 7th Street NE, Devils Lake, ND 58301


3. Lake Region District Health

524 4th Ave NE #9, Devils Lake, ND 58301


4. Premier Healthcare

425 College Dr S, Devils Lake, ND 58301



who experience sexual misconduct, report an incident of sexual misconduct or assist

a victim while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be subject to the

student conduct process for the alcohol or drug offense, nor will the alcohol or drug

offense become part of the student’s conduct record. LRSC cannot absolve anyone of

criminal responsibility.

07. REPORTING: Individuals are encouraged to immediately report violations of this policy.

However, incidents may be reported regardless of how much time has passed. The

report must be made to or forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator or a vice president.

Third party and anonymous complaints will be accepted, however, LRSC’s ability to

investigate and resolve may be limited.

Sandi Lillehaugen, Title IX Coordinator

Office 121A; 701-662-1543;

Nicole Lundquist, Title IX Assistant Coordinator

Office 134; 701-662-1697;

If criminal activity is involved, students and employees may contact:

Devils Lake Police Department - Lake Region Law Enforcement Center

222 West Walnut Street, Devils Lake, ND 58301, 701-662-0700

If an individual chooses to file a report with the police for sexual misconduct, it is

important not to destroy physical evidence. An evidence collection kit, preventative

treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of injuries and other health

services can be obtained from any of the medical providers listed in Section 5c.

08. CONFIDENTIALITY: Individuals may request confidentiality. The Title IX Coordinator

will evaluate the request and determine the extent to which confidentiality may be

maintained. LRSC must weigh the requests for confidentiality against its desire to

protect the safety and security of the entire campus. Therefore, with the exception of

the individuals identified as advocates in Section 5, LRSC employees cannot guarantee

absolute confidentiality.

09. RESOLUTION: Misconduct complaints may be resolved formally or informally. LRSC

will attempt to complete the investigation within 60 days. During this process, the

complainant and the accused shall:

a. Have equal opportunity to present evidence,