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vi. Is in possession of or uses a dangerous weapon or is in possession of a

concealed weapon unless possession or use is expressly authorized by law.

Dangerous weapons may include knives, guns, explosives, or any other

item that can be used to inflict fear or injury to include BB guns, pellet guns,

airsoft guns or any toy replica.

vii. Intentionally or recklessly causes significant damage to the property of


viii. Violates the LRSC Alcohol and Other Drugs policy (1500.15) regarding the

unlawful delivery of alcohol or marijuana, or the possession, use, or delivery

of other drugs.

ix. Commits any crime that would constitute a felony under the ND Century

Code (i.e. robbery, burglary, criminal trespass, arson, or the possession of

stolen property).

x. Engages in any conduct considered hazing which creates a risk of injury

to another, or involves forced physical activity which subjects any person

to mental stress by the deprivation of sleep, isolation, whipping, beating,

paddling, branding, forced calisthenics, or the overexposure to weather. Any

initiation or hazing that includes a required consumption

of food, liquor, beverages, drugs or other substances or includes unlawful

restraint, public nudity or sexual contact would also constitute major


xi. Conspires, facilitates or otherwise assists another who engages in any

action that constitutes major misconduct

03. Retaliation Prohibited: A student, a group of students or a student organization shall

not retaliate against any person who files a complaint or grievance; reports misconduct,

participates as a witness in an investigation, or otherwise provides information to college

officials. Retaliation can be classified as minor or major misconduct depending on the

nature of the action.

04. Any person may file a verbal or written complaint with Director of Student Services

against any student for misconduct. The complaint and appeal procedure is outlined in

Policy and Procedure 800.31.



01. LAKE REGION STATE COLLEGE (LRSC) strives to create a campus community free from

interpersonal abuse. In working to achieve this intent, LRSC commits to:

a. Taking action to stop misconduct,

b. Taking action to remedy its effects by providing advocacy, support and appropriate

referral services for recipients of the behavior,

c. Taking action to prevent recurrences,

d. Educating individuals and promoting discussions on interpersonal abuse and

violence, and

e. Conducting impartial investigations of all reports of misconduct through fair,

equitable and prompt procedures. Campus investigations will be conducted

independently from any law enforcement investigations.