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performance and management of computer

networks. Transmission Control Protocol/

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and networking

technologies concepts such as Open Sys-

tems Interconnection (OSI) layers, protocol

suites, and network services covered. This

course offered at GFAFB. (3 cr)

CIS 229 Information Systems Manage-


An introduction to managing information

systems including user support

issues and careers in a business environ-

ment. (3 cr)

CIS 232 Graphic Design

Students will learn how to edit photos and

how to design composite images using

Adobe Photoshop. (3 cr)

CIS 233 Vector Images and Web Ani-


Students will learn how to design vector

graphics for animation, presentation, ap-

plications and web sites. The course will

provide students with experience in creating

web forms in Adobe Acrobat. (3 cr)

CIS 243 Networking II

Advanced coverage of network manage-

ment. Students gain a higher level of

network management skills and strategies

necessary to administer a local area net-

work. The course includes lecture and lab

activities which help students prepare for

the Network+ Certification Exam. Prerequi-

sites: CIS 215 or CIS 224. (3 cr)

CIS 250 Advanced Web Design

Continued coverage of Web design using

more advanced Web page tools such as Java

Script, Extensible Markup Language (XML),

Common Gateway Interface (CGI), or Perl.

Prerequisite: CIS 180. (3 cr)

CIS 255

Computer and Network Security

This course introduces students to the

terminology and tasks required when deal-

ing with securing computers and computer

networks. Networking and operating system

knowledge recommended before taking this

course. (3 cr)

CIS 267 Intermediate Networking I

Third level of a four-part series. Focuses on

configuring routers and switches and using

network management techniques. Prerequi-

sites: CIS 164 & CIS 165. (3 cr)

CIS 268 Intermediate Networking II

Fourth level of a four-part series. Focuses

on student observation and participation in

a computer networking project consisting

of designing, building, implementing, and

troubleshooting. Prerequisites: CIS 164, CIS

165 & CIS 267. (3 cr)

CIS 269 Enterprise Systems

An exploration of how enterprise systems

help companies integrate business functions

and improve business processes. (3 cr)

CIS 280 Virtualization

This course provides students with a

solid understanding of the capabilities and

features found in popular virtualization

software. The student will obtain hands-on

experience with creating and maintaining

virtualized systems. This popular technology

is being used in industry to more efficiently

use technology equipment and reduce costs.

Prerequisite: CIS 128. (3 cr)

CIS 281 Project Management

An investigation of the project management

techniques and appropriate software used

to effectively manage projects. This course

covers the nine knowledge areas and other

topics as defined by the Project Manage-

ment Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). (3 cr)

CIS 289 Simulator Maintenance Tech-

nician Institution

This course introduces students to network-

ing concepts, PC hardware and Unix/Linux

fundamentals. Basic networking commands,

topologies, equipment, and troubleshooting

will be covered. Students will also gain an

understanding of PC hardware components

and diagnosis of technical problems. Stu-