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Lake Region State College

cess and retrieval of data. Tools such as MS

Visio and MS SQL Server are used to provide

hands-on learning activities. Prerequisite:

CIS 104 or instructor consent. (3 cr)

CIS 210 Database Technology: SQL


This course provides students with a solid

understanding of the capabilities and fea-

tures found in Microsoft’s database product,

SQL Server. The student will obtain hands-

on experience with SQL Server, as well as

related software tools that can be used in

conjunction with this popular database.

Prerequisite: CIS 104. (3 cr)

CIS 211 Website Plan and Design

An in-depth study of the planning and

design processes that are utilized in the

creation of a website. (3 cr)

CIS 212 Microsoft Windows Operating

System Client

The course helps learners to gain knowledge

and skills to install, configure, customize,

optimize and troubleshoot the Microsoft

Windows operating system in the stand-

alone and network environment. (3 cr)

CIS 215 Implementing a Microsoft

Windows Server Environment

Study of the Microsoft Windows Server oper-

ating system and its supporting networking

technologies including the common tasks

required for administration and support. (3


CIS 216 Implementing MS Server


The Active Directory will be discussed in

this course and allow for the students to

participate in projects dealing with config-

uring the system. The use of 2008 server

will provide the users with a knowledge of

services such as: Domain Name Service,

Certificate Services, Active Director Rights,

Management Services and others. The goal

will be to prepare the students for the 70-

640 exam. (3 cr)

CIS 217 MS Exchange Server

The course is intended to provide infor-

mation about and working with Microsoft

Exchange Server. The learner will know how

to install and manage routing, client access

and the backup and restore of databases.

They will also learn how to manage address-

ing and recipient objects such as mailboxes,

distribution groups and contacts. (3 cr)

CIS 218 Planning Network Infrastruc-


This course is for professionals who will be

responsible for installing, configuring, man-

aging and supporting the primary network-

ing services in the Microsoft Windows Server

operating system. These core networking

services include: Doman Name System

(DNS), Windows Internet Naming Service

(WINS), Routing and Remote Access Service

(RRAS) and Networking Security Technolo-

gies. Prerequisite: CIS 216. (3 cr)

CIS 220 Operating Systems—Unix

Introduction to the Unix operating system

from a user perspective. History of Unix,

command syntax, environment configura-

tion, graphical user interface, file manage-

ment, and basic scripting covered. (3 cr)

CIS 224 Networking

Students gain a higher level of network

management skills and strategies necessary

to administer a local area network. Students

will learn how to install a network operating

system, perform appropriate procedures to

prevent and recover from problems, how to

analyze and improve network performance,

multiple protocol support, advantages and

considerations for using various utilities and

functions, and advanced printing capabili-

ties. Students will also be exposed to other

network operating systems. (3 cr)

CIS 227 Data Communications

Introduction to concepts of communica-

tions and data transmission, communication

hardware and protocols, communication

channels, media, modems, communica-

tion software, and the introduction to,

Course Descriptions