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Lake Region State College

medicines, artificial flavorings, and polymers.

By understanding relationships between

structure and reactivity, you will be able to

predict reactions and formations of com-

pounds. Prerequisite: CHEM 122 (3 cr)

CHEM 241L Organic Chemistry Lab

This lab will support Organic Chemistry,

CHEM 241, by emphasizing the nomen-

clature, structure, reactivity, methods of

preparation, chemical behavior, and reaction

mechanisms of carbon compounds together

with fundamental principles and theories of

organic spectroscopy. The experiments will

consist of carbon-based compounds includ-

ing proteins, medicines, artificial flavorings,

and polymers. Corequisite: CHEM 241. (1


CHEM 260 Elements of Biochemistry

This course will emphasize many topics and

principles of modern biochemistry, beginning

with the chemical structure and function or

proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Enzyme

chemistry, bioenergetics, metabolism and

recombinant DNA technology will also be

addressed. Prerequisite: CHEM 116. (4 cr)

CHEM 299 Special Topics

Lower division topics in chemistry. Approval

of instructor. (1‑5 cr)


Information Systems

CIS 101 Computer Literacy

Basic understanding of the components of

a computer and how these components

work together for students not majoring in

Information Technology. Hands-on training

in the Windows environment, word process-

ing, spreadsheet applications, Internet, and

email communication. (3 cr)

CIS 104 Microcomputer Database

Practice of skills required to construct

databases to be used for data analysis and

reporting. Appreciation of in-depth concepts

and features of database management soft-

ware and the types of applications adapt-

able to this software. Students will take the

Access MOS Certification Exam at the end of

the semester. (3 cr)

CIS 105 Microcomputer Spreadsheet

Practice of skills required to construct a use-

ful spreadsheet to be used for data analysis

and reporting. Appreciation of in‑depth

concepts and features of an electronic

spreadsheet and the types of applications

adaptable to this software. Students will be-

come prepared to take the MOS Excel Core

Certification Exam. (3 cr)

CIS 115 Internet

Study of skills required to use various

Internet software tools to access informa-

tion. Brief history of the Internet, technical

terminology, and practical application of

creating Web pages provided. Concepts and

applications of setting up and using modems

and Network Interface Cards to access the

Internet and other online information cov-

ered. (3 cr)

CIS 128 Microcomputer Hardware I

Lecture and lab course which introduces

the development and maintenance of the

personal computer. Participants upgrade

and assemble personal computers, config-

ure systems, and install operating systems.

Prepares students for the A+ Essentials

Certification Exam. (3 cr)

CIS 129 Microcomputer Hardware II

Continuation of CIS 128. Students gain a

higher level of skills in the diagnosis of hard-

ware and software faults and the upgrading

of computer systems. Software adaption to

hardware, installation, and troubleshooting

of network hardware including modems,

network interfaces, and peripheral connec-

tions and local area network hardware de-

sign covered. Prerequisite: CIS 128 (3 cr)

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