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Lake Region State College

BUSN 192 Customer Service

This course provides students with the basic

concepts and current trends in the customer

service industry. Special areas of emphasis

include problem solving, development of a

customer service strategy, creating customer

service systems, coping with challenging

customers, customer retention, and measur-

ing satisfaction. (3 cr)

BUSN 254

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial reporting and analysis devel-

ops the basic principles of accounting on

which financial reports are based. Includes

many financial topics that contribute to the

understanding of financial reporting and

builds skills in analyzing real financial reports

through statements, exhibits, and cases of

actual companies. Emphasis placed on the

analysis and interpretation of the end result

of financial reporting. (2 cr)

BUSN 282

Professional Development

Roles of visual packaging, identifying per-

sonal assets and defects, personality traits,

and appearance in the business world. Ad-

ditional topics include time management and

social and business behavior. (1 cr)


Vocational Education

BVED 217 Fundamentals of Manage-

ment Information

Introduction to management information

systems (MIS), microcomputer applications

in business, mainframe computer access and

use, office automation systems, and systems

analysis and design. MIS, as an academic

field, provides the analytical framework and

methodology to analyze, design, implement,

and manage information decision systems.

This includes technical background in hard-

ware and software, understanding of organi-

zation functions and managerial processes,

and an understanding of human factors in

system design and implementation. MIS is a

computer-based system providing informa-

tion and decision support for operational

activities and management. (4 cr)



CD 110

Survey of Communication Disorders

Designed to help the student make a career

decision. Introduction to the Speech-Lan-

guage Pathology Assistant program. Reviews

the legal and academic guidelines for the

Certificate of Completion, the scope of prac-

tice, various disorders, and basic terminol-

ogy. (3 cr)

CD 210 Introduction to Speech

Language Pathology Assistants

Discuss the legal duties and responsibilities

of the SLPA working under the supervision

of a master-level Speech-Language Patholo-

gist (SLP). Course covers major communica-

tion disorders, including language, articula-

tion, phonology, fluency, voice, hearing,

cleft palate, neurological, and issues related

to cultural diversity. Emphasis is placed on

therapy procedures required by the SLPA.

Prerequisite: CD 110. (3 cr)

CD 220 Applied Phonetics for the

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Study of the production and perception

of speech sounds and learn to transcribe

spoken language. Uses the International

Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to record normal

and disordered articulatory production.

(3 cr)

CD 221 Language Theory & Treatment

for the Speech Language Pathology As-


Study of events and processes which com-

bine in relatively predictable and observable

ways and are evidenced in the acquisition of

language. (3 cr)

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