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BOTE 152 Keyboarding II

Development of speed and accuracy in key-

boarding straight copy and production activi-

ties. Emphasis placed on formatting and

keying various business documents including

memos, letters, reports, and tables from

straight copy, rough drafts, and unarranged

material. (3 cr)

BOTE 171 Medical Terminology

Study of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots of

medical terms and their meaning, spelling,

and pronunciation. Emphasis on building a

working medical vocabulary based on body

systems. (3 cr)

BOTE 188 Computerized Accounting

Use of microcomputers to perform account-

ing cycle functions, prepare financial state-

ments, and maintain payroll records. (4 cr)

BOTE 201 Keyboarding III

Advanced skill development in business

document production and straight copy

speed and accuracy. (3 cr)

BOTE 209 Office Management

Introduction of office management concepts

and technology, including facilities develop-

ment, office systems, human relations, office

ethics and etiquette, and various administra-

tive duties and responsibilities. (3 cr)

BOTE 214

Business Reports and Communications

Study of oral and written communication in

business settings. Exploration of nonverbal

and group communication, listening and re-

search skills, cross-cultural communication,

job search techniques, ethics, technology,

and preparation of correspondence. (3 cr)

BOTE 217 Records Management

Study of the systematic control of business

records through manual and electronic ap-

plications. Discussion of records, creation,

distribution, utilization, retention, storage,

protection, preservation, and final disposi-

tion. (3 cr)

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course

BOTE 218 Desktop Publishing

Software application course providing stu-

dents skill in layout, editing, and production

of documents. (3 cr)

BOTE 222 Medical Transcription I

Course in medical keyboarding and tran-

scription of pre‑recorded dictation. Prerequi-

sites: BOTE 102 and BOTE 171. (3 cr)

BOTE 223

Applied Medical Transcription II

Transcription of authentic physician-dictated

reports organized by medical specialty. Em-

phasis on development of accuracy, speed,

and medical knowledge for transcription of

a variety of medical reports. Efficient use

of reference materials and other resources.

Application of editing and proofreading tech-

niques, grammar, and punctuation. Prerequi-

site BOTE 222. (3 cr)

BOTE 251 Legal Transcription

Laboratory course in legal keyboarding and

transcription of pre‑recorded legal dictation.

(3 cr)

BOTE 275

Administrative Office Procedures

Capstone course emphasizing duties,

responsibilities, and personal qualities of

office personnel in today’s automated office.

Use of advanced computer applications and

related office technology included. (3 cr)

BOTE 299 Special Topics

Approval of instructor. (1‑6 cr)


BUSN 170 Entrepreneurship

Course for starting a business, assessing

the possibility of new ventures, and solving

problems of small business. Term project is

an integral part of the course. (3 cr)