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Lake Region State College

BIOL 220 Anatomy and Physiology I

Basic concepts of body organization, cellular

chemistry, cell and tissue biology, study

of the integumentary, skeletal, muscular,

nervous and endocrine systems. Special em-

phasis of study will be done in microscopical

studies of cells and tissues, the skeleton,

muscles, and brain of the human body. In-

cludes three laboratory hours per week.

(4 cr)

BIOL 221 Anatomy and Physiology II

Continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I

with study of the Human Cardiovascular, Re-

spiratory, Digestive, Lymphatic, Urinary, and

Reproductive systems. Special studies will be

done on blood, cardiovascular blood pres-

sure, ECG’s, digestion, exercise physiology,

and urinanalysis. Includes three laboratory

hours per week. Prerequisite: BIOL 220. (4


BIOL 299 Special Topics

Lower division topics in the biological sci-

ences of contemporary or classical interest.

Approval of instructor. (1‑4 cr)

BOTE—Business Office

Technology & Education

BOTE 102 Keyboarding I

Basic instruction and practice in using the

alphanumeric keyboard. Emphasis on proper

fingering for touch operation of the key-

board, development of speed and accuracy,

and exploration of business document

formatting. (3 cr)

BOTE 112 Transcription and Editing

Development of skills in operation of tran-

scription machines; production of accurate

keyboarded material; reinforcement of

language arts skills. (1 cr)

BOTE 115 Career Development

Students explore employment opportuni-

ties and examine resources to advance their

career. Development of classroom learnings

and discussions through office and business

visitations, guest speakers and related busi-

ness job projects. (1 cr)

BOTE 116 Student Leadership Practi-


Introductory computer course covering

terProvides students opportunity to develop

leadership and professional networking skills

through active participation in professional

business student organizations. (1 cr)

BOTE 127 Information Processing

Introductory computer course covering ter-

minology and concepts of computer use as

well as software applications including word

processing, database, spreadsheet, and

Internet use. (3 cr)

BOTE 131, 132, 231, 232

Related Learnings

Development of classroom learnings and

discussions through office and business visi-

tations, speaker and film presentations, and

actual related business projects.

(1 cr each)

BOTE 147 Word Processing

Use of current word processing software

to create professional business documents

including letters, memos, reports, tables,

forms, brochures, and graphic aids. Ad-

vanced features in printing, macros, and

merging also practiced. Minimum basic

keyboarding skill of 30 wpm. (3 cr)

BOTE 148 Keyboard Speed Building

Development of increased speed and ac-

curacy, timed writings of straight and rough

draft copy, improvement of keyboarding

techniques, introduction to letter and memo

writing, tabulation techniques, and manu-

script preparation. (2 cr)

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