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Lake Region State College

BADM 204 Fundamentals of Buying

Emphasis on understanding the responsibil-

ity of the buyer to the contribution of com-

pany profits through day‑to‑day merchandis-

ing decisions and open-mindedness toward

new merchandise ideas that may present

profit potential. (3 cr)

BADM 210 Advertising I

Designed to familiarize students with the

techniques used in advertising, principles

and elements of designed advertising, study

of media, advertising planning and budget-

ing, and effects of advertising. (3 cr)

BADM 211 Advertising II

Introduction to direct marketing and sales

promotion strategy with a focus on inte-

grated marketing techniques. Topics include

electronic media, direct mail, catalogs, direct

response advertising, and telemarketing.

The student is involved in actual preparation

of sales promotion activities.

(3 cr)

BADM 216 Visual Merchandising

Principles of window and interior display and

design, card copy and layout, color, and ar-

rangement. This course also deals with the

basic store plan including layout, fixtures,

lighting plans, and merchandise presenta-

tion. (2 cr)

BADM 240 Sales

Basic principles and fundamentals of selling

psychology, customer motivation, and sales

steps through practical demonstrations and

illustrations. Special emphasis on the devel-

opment of poise, personality, and confidence

in selling. (3 cr)

BADM 241 Sales Management

Insider’s view of the concepts and processes

involved in the management operation,

covering managerial topics of sales plan-

ning, staffing, training, directing, as well as

analyzing and evaluating the sales force.

(3 cr)

BADM 260 Principles of Retailing

History of retailing as well as current types

of retail organizations, organizational

structures, retailing activities, and retailing

careers. (3 cr)

BADM 265 Digital Marketing

Topics include advertising, marketing, and

promotional strategies within the scope of

social media. Students are introduced to the

contexts and forms of social media. Current

media landscape and the strategic opportu-

nity that it presents to marketers, managers,

and consultants who are concerned with

how to efficiently and effectively understand

social media, how to build social media

marketing strategies and how to track their

effectiveness are covered. (3 cr)

BADM 274 Project Management

Students use the tools and techniques to

organize, plan, implement, manage and

evaluate short and long-term projects. Stu-

dents identify developing indices and trends

and learn how to handle them correctly. This

course provides beginning-level practice

in applying project management concepts

and tools in practical exercises. Information

technology-related project topics will be

emphasized in this course. (3 cr)

BADM 280 Personnel Management

Basic principles of managing and supervis-

ing personnel including current policies and

practices; techniques applicable to problems

such as employee staffing, training, labor

relations, wages, communications, evalua-

tion, and retention. (3 cr)

BADM 291 Career Seminar

Focus on self-assessment, networking, and

collecting information related to specific

industries or businesses, learning about the

labor market, and researching job oppor-

tunities. Projects include creating elec-

tronic résumés and applications, conducting

information-gathering interviews, effective

communication, writing résumés and letters,

interviewing techniques, practice interview-

ing, follow-up strategies, portfolio develop-

ment, and guaranteeing the product.

(2 cr)

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