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AUTO 221

Automatic Transmission Fundamentals

Introduction to automatic transmissions

and tranaxles. Includes basic principles of

torque converter construction and operation,

planetary gear set, construction and power

flow. (4 cr)

AUTO 222 Automatic Transmission

Diagnosis and Repair

Vehicle diagnosis procedures and common

trouble shooting practices including com-

puter control diagnosis, transmission remove

and replace procedures, and transmission

overhaul using manufacturer’s recommend-

ed reconditioning procedures.

(4 cr)

AUTO 238 Manual Drivelines

Theory, construction principles of operation,

overhaul of clutches, standard transmis-

sions, differentials, axles, transaxles, and

transfer cases. (6 cr)

AUTO 278

Heating & Air Conditioning

Air conditioning course on the theory of heat

transfer, systems operation in controls, ser-

vicing systems, diagnosis of automotive and

farm equipment, and automatic temperature

control systems. (3 cr)

AUTO 288 Engine Performance II

Theory, construction, operation and new

development in the tune‑up electronics and

emission control areas, including the use of

the most modern special tools, scan tools

and test equipment available. (6 cr)

AUTO 299 Special Topics

Hands‑on work experience with live units.

Practical application of theory. Approval of

instructor. (1‑7 cr)


AVIA 200 Ground School

Study of the topics needed to successfully

complete the written component of the

Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot

Examination. Corequisite: AVIA 201.

(3 cr)

AVIA 201 Introduction to Flight

Introduction to flying techniques and proce-

dures in prepration for Private Pilot Examina-

tion. Corequisite: AVIA 200. (1 cr)



BADM 196 Field Trip I

Field trips to businesses that employ the

latest Marketing/Management techniques

and procedures. Learning and observing

techniques used in the competitive business

world of today. (1 cr)

BADM 201 Principles of Marketing

Introduction to the types of business enter-

prises, channels of distribution, competition,

coordination of promotional plans, pricing

policies, market research, and marketing

costs. (3 cr)

BADM 202 Principles of Management

Basic functions of the manager; planning,

organizing, staffing, directing, and control-

ling activities at all levels. Designed to pro-

vide students with the information essential

to develop a framework about management

and to develop managerial knowledge and

skill. Specific case problems reviewed. (3 cr)

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course