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AUTO 111 Engine Fundamentals

Introduction to fundamentals of automotive

engines, engine principles, engine measure-

ments, types of engine designs, basic engine

construction, cylinder heads and valves,

lubrication systems, and engine cooling

systems. (6 cr)

AUTO 112 Engine Overhaul

Engine diagnosis, removal from chas-

sis, disassembly, cleaning, and inspecting

components for possible failure; cleanliness

and attention to detail highly emphasized;

all aspects of major overhaul demonstrated,

including reconditioning and proper reas-

sembly according to manufacturers’ speci-

fications; practice, including cylinder head

service, piston ring and cylinder prepara-

tion, camshaft installation, connecting rod

and main bearing installation, methods for

checking clearances, and proper torquing

procedures. (6 cr)

AUTO 148 Suspension & Steering

Demonstration and performance course cov-

ering steering gears, power steering pumps,

steering, linkage, suspension systems,

two and four wheel alignment, and wheel

balancing. Included in the course is a study

of the operation, construction differences,

diagnosing, and repair procedures of the

steering, suspension and wheel alignment

systems. (4 cr)

AUTO 158 Brakes

Introduction to brake hydraulics, operation

of brake systems (drum and disc, power

assist units, anti-lock systems, and related

electrical and wiring circuits) factory speci-

fications and procedures stressed. Practical

application of the theory of brake systems.

Hydraulic, mechanical & electrical-Anti-lock

Brake System (ABS) diagnosis and repair in

accordance with established rules and safety

standards. (4 cr)

AUTO 161 Electronics

Basic electronics preparation for advanced

training in diagnosis and repair of current

automobile electronic‑ and microproces-

sor‑controlled vehicle electrical systems and

future multiple‑microprocessor‑controlled

vehicle systems. (3 cr)

AUTO 162 Electrical Systems

Theory and fundamentals of electricity and

electronics as it applies to the modern au-

tomobile. Includes cleaning, servicing, and

testing batteries. Testing, diagnosing, and

repairing of starting, charging, and ignition

systems. Prerequisite: AUTO 161.

(6 cr)

AUTO 181 Fuel Systems

Instruction in theory, construction, principles

of operation, diagnosis, and repair of fuel

supply systems, evaporative emission con-

traols, fuel injection, and exhaust systems.

Strong emphasis on fuel injection and com-

puterized fuel system controls. (3 cr)

AUTO 182 Computer Controls

General description of the computer system

and its features. Identification of fuel deliv-

ery systems and their operations, learning

the inputs and outputs of the system, how

the sensors and electronic signals are sent

to the control module to control fuel tim-

ing and emissions, how to diagnose these

systems using scan tools, built‑in self‑tests,

special tools, and service codes and code

charts. Prerequisite: AUTO 161. (3 cr)

AUTO 208 Hybrid and Light Duty Die-

sel Systems

Theory, construction, principles of operation,

diagnosis and repair of hybrid and light duty

diesel vehicles. Strong emphasis on safety

measures and diagnosis of computer con-

trolled fuel and emission systems. (4 cr)

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