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Lake Region State College

AGRI 290 Advanced Precision Agricul-

ture: Spring Operations

Emphasis on maximizing the use and imple-

mentation of common precision agricultural

equipment used in the planting, tillage,

fertilization and other applications of inputs

of today’s production of row crops. Safe

operations, setup, maximizing the efficient

use of precision agricultural equipment for

tillage, planting equipment, GPS data man-

agement systems and guidance systems will

be covered. (3 cr)

AGRI 299 Special Topics

Approval of instructor. (1‑3 cr)


ART 110 Introduction to Visual Art

Place of art in social and cultural life, past

and present. Use of films, original works,

field trips, discussion, and demonstrations in

a non‑studio setting. (3 cr)

ART 122 Two-Dimensional Design

Study of two-dimensional work for the stu-

dio artist. Topics include drawing, painting,

color theory, and print making. (3 cr)

ART 130 Drawing I

Introduction to the fine art of drawing us-

ing the tools of pencil, charcoal, and pen

to creatively and skillfully express oneself.

Composition, form, and value emphasized.

(3 cr)

ART 140 Crafts I

Introduction to fine art crafts. Includes floor

cloths, stitchery, book binding, batik, silk

painting, and coiled basketry. (3 cr)

ART 210 Art History I

Survey of Western art from Paleolithic to the

Renaissance. (3 cr)

ART 211 Art History II

Survey of Western art from the Renaissance

to the present. (3 cr)

Academic Information

ART 212 Principles of Graphic Design

Introductory course in the use of graphic

design software. Studies the methods em-

ployed in solving communication problems

in graphic design, advertising, illustration,

computer graphics, photography, and video

presentations. Prerequisite: ART 122

(3 cr)

ART 214 Non-European Art History

Survey of global, non-European art history

from the Paleolithic to the present. (3 cr)

ART 220 Painting I

Exploration of basic creative problems in

painting with emphasis upon the pictorial

organization. Includes course work in water-

color, oil, and acrylics. (3 cr)

ART 230 Drawing II

In-depth exploration of the techniques

learned in Drawing I but with renewed em-

phasis on theme and mood in compositions.

Introduces pen and ink and colored pencil

techniques. Prerequisites: ART 130.

(3 cr)

ART 250 Ceramics I

Introductory course in hand building tech-

niques, surface decoration, glazing, and the

firing process. (3 cr)

ART 251 Ceramics II

Additional study of the production avenue of

pottery. Designing and pouring molds, tile

design, and throwing on the potter’s wheel

are taught. Prerequisite: ART 250. (3 cr)

ART 280 Photography I

Introduction to the use of a digital camera,

editing software, and tools. Designed to

teach technical and aesthetic basic photo-

graphic principles to the novice. (3 cr)

ART 281 Photography II: Photoshop


This is a beginning level course emphasiz-

ing manipulation of digital photography;

specifically relating to aesthetic, design and

compositional aspects. The course objec-