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Page Background


credit, depreciation and other business tax

concerns. Student will learn how complete a

business plan to secure credit and manage

business operations. (3 cr)

AGEC 250 Agribusiness Sales

Introduction to the process of agribusiness

sales and marketing. Topics include recog-

nizing potential customers and building a

positive customer relationship, designing a

marketing plan, using marketing and sales

databases, and developing a marketing pre-

sentation for a food or agricultural product.

(3 cr)

AGRI—Adult Agriculture

AGRI 188 Professional Development:

Interpersonal Skills for the Ag Industry

Focus on the development of skills for a

Precision Ag employee to thrive in the work-

place. Lectures and readings will highlight

the importance of communication, team

cohesion and acceptance of cultural differ-

ences. In-class activities, brief presentations,

reflection papers and thorough discussion

will be the basis for coursework. (1 cr)

AGRI 241 Farm Management Education

Practical study of the farming business for

farm families currently engaged in managing

their farms or ranches. (3 cr)

AGRI 242

Advanced Adult Farm Management

Continue application of farm management

principles for decision making. Prerequisite:

AGRI 241. (3 cr)

AGRI 260 Precision Agriculture Field


Internship, paid or unpaid, with employers

of cooperatives, crop consultants, implement

dealers, farms and other instructor approved

placements. The focus is to gain life experi-

ences using skills acquired from the program

and to find a fit to help achieve life time

employment goals. (1-3 cr)

AGRI 265 Agricultural Electronic De-

vices and Systems

Focus on the application and use of elec-

tronic testing equipment and troubleshoot-

ing direct current electrical systems used in

precision agriculture equipment. Students

install new equipment, diagnose and replace

damaged equipment, and preform the cali-

brations necessary to return the equipment

into service. (3 cr)

AGRI 275 Introduction to Precision


An introduction to precision farming appli-

cations. Students will be in the field using

various GPS equipment in mastering the

tasks associated with using today GPS/GIS.

(3 cr)

AGRI 280 Advanced Precision Agricul-

ture: Fall Operations

Emphasis on maximizing the use and imple-

mentation of common precision agricultural

equipment used in the planting, tillage,

fertilization and other applications of inputs

of today’s production of row crops. Safe

operations, setup, maximizing the efficient

use of precision agricultural equipment for

tillage, planting equipment, GPS data man-

agement systems and guidance systems will

be covered. (3 cr)

AGRI 285 Precision Agriculture Sys-

tems - Software

An introduction to various precision farming

software packages in real-world applications.

Discussion of how GPS is used to analyze

data and create interpretive maps. Focus

on initial setup of software, data manage-

ment and evaluation, proper transfer data

between computers and controllers using

data cards, USB devices and Wi-Fi. Particu-

lar focus will be on processing field data

and the creation of prescription application

maps. (2 cr)