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Lake Region State College

communication sent to their official LRSC

email address.

The Student Email Policy is found in section

900.09.02 of the Lake Region State College

Policy and Procedure Manual.

More information regarding student email

can be found on the college website.

Equal Opportunity -

Lake Region State

College is an equal opportunity and

affirmative action institution that does not

discriminate on the basis of race, color,

national orgin, religion, sexual orientation,

gender identity, genetic information (GINA),

sex age, creed, marital status, veteran’s

status, political belief or affiliation or

disability in its admissions, student aid,

employment practices, education programs

or other related activities. Inquiries

concerning Title VI, Title IX, and Section

504 may be referred to Sandi Lillehaugen,

Human Resource Manager, Lake Region

State College, (701) 662-1543 or the Office

of Civil Rights, US Department of Education,

500 W Madison St Suite 1475, Chicago, IL


LRSC is committed to providing reasonable

accommodations to qualified individuals

with disabilities upon request. To request an

accommodation or to request this document

in an alternate format, please contact Sandi

Lillehaugen, Human Resourse Manager, Lake

Region State College, (701) 662-1543. One

week advance notice is appreciated.

Sandi Lillehaugen, Title IX Coordinator

1801 N College Dr. Office 121A

Devils Lake ND 58301

(701) 662-1543

Sexual Misconduct & Title IX

Compliance Policy

- Lake Region

State College strives to create a campus

community free from interpersonal abuse

including sexual misconduct. The Title IX

Coordinator is responsible for compliance

with federal and state discrimination adn

sexual harassment laws, including Title IX.

Individuals are encouraged to immediately

report violations of this policy. However

incidents may be reported regardless of how

much time has passed. The report must

be made to or forwarded to the Title IX

Coordinator or a vice president. Anonymous

complaints will be accepted, however, LRSC’s

ability to investigate and resolve could be

limited. The full policy is found in Section

1500.09 of the Lake Region State College

Policy and Procedure Manual.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act -

The purpose of this policy is to disclose

athletic participation rates and financial data

related to athletics. The report is available

from the Athletic Department or Student


Faculty Communications Proficiency -

A process for verifying communication

skills for all personnel whose appointments

include classroom instruction.

Communication, both oral and written, is,

by definition, an interchange involving both

the sender and the receiver. Both sender

and receiver were taken into account when

developing communication skills verification.

The policy affirms the college commitment

to cultural diversity, as articulated by the

Lake Region State College mission statement

and general education outcomes. The

complete policy can be found in Article

700.31 of the Lake Region State College

Policy and Procedure Manual.


- Students enrolled in

credit-bearing courses at Lake Region

State College must prove documentation

of immunity to measles, mumps and

rubella. Students enrolled only in distance

learning or other courses taught off campus

and students enrolled only in continuing

education or non-credit courses are exempt

from this policy. Documentation of immunity


Evidence of two (2) doses of measles,

mumps and rubella vaccine no less