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Page Background


courses are taught by POST certified

instructors from every facet of North

Dakota Law Enforcement.

Much of the course work is taught in

a “hands-on” manner, providing the

candidate with a working knowledge of

the performance of police tasks.

Applicants for the program are carefully

screened to provide law enforcement

agencies the best candidates possible

for employment. To qualify for the

Peace Officer Training Program,

candidates MUST fulfill sections 1

through 4 of CH. 12-63-06 of the North

Dakota Century Code in the following


Complete the Peace Officer Training

application form provided by Lake

Region State College

Complete a ND POST approved

psychological exam and medical/

physical examination through a personal


Undergo a background investigation,

including interviews with employers,

teachers, and associates. An extensive

criminal history and traffic record

investigation is conducted. Candidates

may not have any points against

their driver’s license by the time they

graduate from the program and must

meet the criminal history guidelines for


Be able to satisfy all of the requirements

to apply for a peace officer license

under chapter 12-63 of the North

Dakota Century Code

Course work includes the following:

Law of Arrest/Search/Seizure

Crime Scene Processing

Drug Crimes

DUI Detection/Apprehension

Emergency Vehicle Operations

or higher, to be eligible for the Associate

Degree Registered Nursing License in the

State of North Dakota.

Prerequisite skills:

Alegebra Prep III (ASC 093) or higher

CPR certification for Health Care


Two years of experience as a paramedic

TOEFL required for ESL applicants

verified by test scores

TEAS exam with a score of 41.2% or


Bridge Program Courses:

NURS 201


NURS 202


NURS 203


General Education Courses:

BIOL 220


BIOL 221


PSYC 111


PSYC 250


ENGL 110


PHRM 215


Once accepted into the ADN program

curriculum will follow that of the ADN


Peace Officer Training

The Peace Officer Training Program

is a comprehensive law enforcement

training course designed to give

students the education necessary for a

career in law enforcement. Graduation

from the program prepares students

for licensure as a North Dakota Peace

Officer pursuant to CH. 12-63-06 of the

North Dakota Century Code. Successful

completion of this rigorous course

satisfies the training requirements as

an entry level peace officer in North


The program is approved by the North

Dakota Peace Officer Standards and

Training Board (POST Board) and the