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Lake Region State College

Minimum grade of 2.0 (C) in each of the

following core academic courses:



ENGL 110



PSYC 111



BIOL 220



BIOL 221



PHRM 215



PSYC 250



2.75 or higher GPA for core

academic courses with a grade of

“C” or higher for each course

PHRM 215 - Introduction to

Pharmacology must have been taken

within seven years of admission to the


If students have completed

Microbiology, that grade must be a

minimum of C and will be computed

into the cumalative GPA for Nursing

Program courses

GPA minimum of 2.50 for all completed

college courses

Guidelines for approval include:

• Cumalative GPA for any completed

required courses must be 2.75 or higher

• No required course may have a grade

lower than 2.0 (C)

• If a student repeats a required science

course, a grade of 2.0 or higher must

be obtained in the first repeat

Program application and admission process:

Complete all requirements for admission

to Lake Region State College

Complete all requirements for entry into

the Dakota Nursing Program and submit

the application packet

Students currently in the first year of

the program have the first opportunity

to progress to the second year

Qualified students are accepted into the

program on a competitive basis until all

spaces are filled. Qualified applicants

are then placed on a waiting list and

admitted as space becomes available

Academic Information

Application forms for admission to the

ADN Program may be obtained from

the Dakota Nursing Program website at

The admissions

committee will review the application and

qualifications of each individual. Students

will be notified in writing of their acceptance

status. Enrollment is limited.

Associate in Applied Science


NURS 224


NURS 225


NURS 226


NURS 227


BIOL 202



NURS 228


NURS 229


NURS 237


NURS 259


COMM 110, ENGL 120, or ENGL 125 3

NURS 122 fulfills the HPER requirement for

the AAS-ADN.

*The ratio of credit hours to clinical hours is


Upon successful completion, students

graduate with an AAS-ADN become eligible

to apply to take the NCLEX-RN™.

Students must have an LRSC email account.

Some courses/components may be offered

in online format.

The program is approved and regulated

by the State Board of Nursing. Several

Lake Region area agencies participate in

providing students for the program. For

more information on those agencies, or to

enroll individually, contact Lake Region State


Paramedic to Nursing

A grant from the Dakota Medical Foundation

has created LRSC’s Paramedic to Nurse

Program. The experienced paramedic will

need to successfully complete the three

bridge nursing courses and the general

education courses listed below with a C