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General Information


Devils Lake is a city with pride in the past

and faith in the future. Besides Lake Region

State College, the region boasts an excellent

public school system, the North Dakota

School for the Deaf, Four Winds Community

School and Cankdeska Cikana Community

College at Fort Totten.

Devils Lake is rich in historic and scenic

sights such as Sully’s Hill Wildlife Refuge,

Fort Totten State Historic Site and Grahams

Island State Park.

Devils Lake is also rich in the fine quality of

its people who work hard to provide well-

rounded cultural, religious, educational and

four-season recreational opportunities.

Devils Lake derives its name from the Native

American name Miniwaukan. Early explorers

incorrectly translated the word to mean

“Bad Spirit”. Bolstered by the many legends

of drowned warriors and lake monsters,

the name evolved into Devils Lake. Devils

Lake is the largest natural body of water in

North Dakota covering more than 100,000

acres and containing hundreds of miles of

shoreline. This very fertile prairie lake grows

large numbers of walleye, northern pike,

white bass and it has earned the reputation

of being the “Perch Capital of the World”. In

the fall, hundreds of thousands of waterfowl

migrate through the area and give both local

and visiting hunters outstanding hunting


There is always plenty to see and do in

Devils Lake and the entire Lake Region---the

opportunities in Devils Lake are “As Endless

As Your Imagination”.


Definitions, policies and procedures

are subject to change. For the most

complete and current definitions, policies,

and procedures, refer to the Policy and

Procedure Manual located in the President’s

Office, Paul Hoghaug Library or online.

Catalog Use -

The North Dakota State

Board of Higher Education states:

“Institutions shall publish electronic and/

or hard copies of catalogs and bulletins

for the purpose of furnishing prospective

students and other interested persons

with information about the institutions.

Announcements contained in such printed

or electronic material are subject to change

without notice, and may not be regarded

in the nature of binding obligations on the

institutions and the State.”

Complaints and Grievances -


safety is not an issue, students having an

informal complaint or formal grievance

of alleged improper, unfair, arbitrary or

discriminatory treatment should first discuss

the grievance with the college official who

was involved in the disputed action. If

the grievance is not resolved, on-campus

adjudication is conducted through the Vice

President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Reference Section 800.31 of the Lake Region

State College Policy and Procedure mannual

for full policy.

Email -

Lake Region State College,

recognizing the growing need for timely,

efficient and consistent communication

with students, has established email as

an official means of communication with

students. Students are expected to check

their official LRSC email on a frequent and

consistent basis.

When students forward email from

that account to another account, vital

information may not be conveyed.

Unopened email or having email

redirected does not relieve a student

of the responsibilities associated with