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Lake Region State College

in the new educational program.

Lake Region State College is accredited by

the Higher Learning Commission. Credits

are transferable to colleges and universities

throughout the United States. Students,

with the counseling of their faculty advisor,

should consult baccalaureate college

catalogs in order to select from the various

departments elective courses which will

best satisfy the requirements of the specific

institution to which they intend to transfer. A

grade of “D” may disqualify credit in a given

subject upon transfer.

North Dakota University System

General Education Requirement

Transfer Agreement



North Dakota University System, (NDUS)

Transfer Agreement was developed to assist

students who transfer within the NDUS. This

agreement states that students who transfer

to a NDUS institution after completing their

general education coursework at any other

NDUS institution will be deemed to have

met all lower division general education

requirements at the transfer school. A

minimum of 36 semester hours must be

completed in the areas of communication;

arts and humanities; social sciences; and

mathematics, science and technology. If all

general education courses have not been

completed before transferring, courses

will be applied to the general education

requirements of the NDUS institution

being transferred to on a course-by-course


The following matrix indicates which class

offerings meet the General Education

Requirement (GER) for the Associate in

Arts degree, Associate in Science degree,

and Associate in Applied Science degree at

Lake Region State College. Courses included

in the NDUS GER column are approved

by the NDUS institutions as meeting

the requirements of GERTA. For more

information on GERTA, consult the NDUS


Academic Information

to track order status, receive timely email

notices regarding the transcript request, and

review order status history.

Current Students

Currently enrolled LRSC students may order

official transcripts directly from the National

Student Clearinghouse site through Campus

Connection. An unofficial transcript may be

obtained free of charge anytime via Campus


Former Students

Former LRSC students may log on to the

National Student Clearinghouse secured site

by going to

. First-

time visitors will need to create a personal

profile and user ID/password, which may be

used for future orders.

Note: A transcript will not be issued if a

student has outstanding financial, library or

admission obligations to the college. The

outstanding obligation must be satisfied

within 30 days of the receipt of the request.

After 30 days the order will be cancelled and

students will need to place a new transcript


Transcript fee: $5 per transcript (extra

charges may apply for special services)

Requestors who do not have both a credit/

debit card and a valid email address may

request transcripts using the transcript

request form located on the Lake Region

State College website.

Transfer Credits from LRSC -


attending Lake Region State College

generally are pursuing one of two

educational purposes; a career and technical

track or an academic transfer track with

the intention of completing a baccalaureate

degree at another institution. Students in

an academic transfer track should plan

their curriculum in light of the curriculum

requirements at the baccalaureate degree

granting institution. Students changing their

educational track should expect that some

credits previously completed may not apply