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Lake Region State College

Students may exercise this option only

once by submitting a written request to the

Registrar. All academic work would continue

to be shown on the student transcript, but

the entire semester(s) grades would be

removed for GPA purposes. None of the

credits earned in the excluded semester(s)

can be used to satisfy any academic

or graduation requirements. Once a

semester(s) has been excluded, it can never

be reinstated on the student’s academic

transcript at a later date.

Changes in Registration -


registration, students should consult

with their faculty advisors before making

changes. Students should be aware that

changes to their registration during the term

could affect financial aid eligibility in future


Students may drop and/or add courses to

their schedule using Campus Connection

available on the LRSC website. Some special

circumstances require students to request

assistance from the Registrar’s Office such

as course conflict messages, overload

notification and restricted enrollment.

Students desiring to make changes in

their registration should do so as early in

the semester as possible because tuition

and fee adjustments are determined by

the date that changes occur. Classes may

be added or dropped during the first ten

days of the semester without the change

appearing on the academic record. For a

standard 16-week semester, the last day to

add or drop a course without a record is the

tenth calendar day in the fall term and the

eleventh calendar day in the spring term.

The last day to drop an individual class(es)

or withdraw from all classes is the last day

of the twelfth week of classes. Add, drop

and withdrawal dates for summer terms or

other sessions not 16 weeks in length shall

be proportionate to the standard 16-week

term. Orientation Day is the first day of a

standard 16-week academic term.

Withdrawal from College -


considering withdrawal from college are

strongly encouraged to contact their advisor

and the Financial Aid Office (if appropriate)

prior to finalizing a decision. Students who

withdraw from college must provide written

notice to the Registrar’s Office using the

form available on the LRSC website.

Any tuition refund or credit will be

determined by the date that the withdrawal

form is completed and filed with the

Registrar. Failure to officially withdraw from

the college may result in a grade of “F”

recorded on the transcript for all courses


Attendance -

Regular attendance is

required of Lake Region State College

students. Instructors will explain their

attendance policy in each course. When

absence from class becomes necessary, it

is the student’s responsibility to contact the

instructor (prior to the absence whenever

possible) to request an excused absence.

Students are responsible for mastery of

material and completion of assignments

missed. Failure to do so may affect grades

regardless of the reason for the absence.

Students who have not attended class

during the first seven days of the session

may be administratively dropped from the

course. When the number of absences

exceeds double the credit hours for the

course, students may be administratively

dropped at the request of the instructor.

Students who fail to attend and have not

been dropped will receive a grade of “F” in

the course.

Students who have been administratively

dropped have the right to appeal the

action. An appeal for re-admittance from

students dropped for excessive absences

must be presented in written form within

five days of the postmark date on the

students’ notification to the Vice President

of Academic Affairs. The College’s academic

appeals procedure will be followed.

Academic Information