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Repeating a Course -

Students may

repeat courses to improve their grades.

The record of both the original and the

repeated course grades will be retained on

the student’s record, but only the honor

points earned and the credits gained in the

retaking will be used in computing the grade

point average.

Competency Based Education -

This is

an educational concept whereby progress is

based on mastery of material. This approach

is extremely flexible as it allows students to

begin instruction at their mastery level and

continue at their own pace within broad

time frames. Students proceed through

packaged materials, utilizing tests, visuals,

performance and instructor expertise as


Honors: President’s and Dean’s List

Recognition -

Degree seeking students

completing 12 semester hours or more of

100- or 200-level Lake Region State College

classes with no incompletes and receiving a

4.0 GPA are included on the President’s List.

Students completing 12 semester hours or

more of 100- or 200-level Lake Region State

College classes with no incompletes and

receiving a GPA of 3.25 or better, but not a

4.0, are included on the Dean’s List. Lists

are calculated fall and spring semesters, but

not summer semester.

Student Placement into College

Courses -

Effective fall semester 2012,

North Dakota University System policy

402.1.2 requires ACT subtest scores, or an

equivalent assessment approved by the

chancellor, for placement into college-level

English and mathematics courses. Contact

Student Affairs for details.

The State Board of Higher Education (SBHE)

recommends that all students take the ACT

exam in their junior year. This provides

students with the senior year and the

summer before and after the senior year to

address any academic deficiencies at the

high school level before entering college.

Academic Progress Standards -


students must meet or exceed the following

cumulative grade point average standards to

remain a student in good standing:



Cumulative GPA TERM GPA

6 cr hrs



20 cr hrs



35 cr hrs



50 cr hrs



Students who fail to maintain the minimum

cumulative GPA will be placed on probation

for the following semester of enrollment.

A student on probation will generally be

restricted to 12 credits and will be assisted

by an advisor to determine an appropriate

schedule of classes. A student who fails

to maintain the minimum cumulative GPA

for two consecutive grading periods will

be suspended for one semester, subject

to student appeal. A student wishing to

re-enroll after a period of suspension from

this college, or any institution of higher

education, must petition for conditional

reinstatement. Failure to meet minimum

grade point and completion rate standards

may affect financial aid eligibility.

Academic Forgiveness Policy -

A former student, who has not been in

attendance at LRSC for four or more years,

but who is presently enrolled at LRSC, may

request to exclude for GPA calculations

all grades earned in selected semesters

completed at LRSC prior to the four-year


The following criteria must be met:

The student must be enrolled in

class(es) at LRSC at the time the

request is made

The student must have completed a

minimum of 12 semester hours in one

term or in consecutive terms (summer

sessions excluded) with a minimum GPA

of 2.25 immediately prior to the request