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Page Background


Provide educational services for parents,

students, and counselors regarding

the benefits of a community college


Provide social and recreational activities

which enhance the quality of student


Instill in students a commitment to

community service

Provide efficient admissions and

registrar procedures

Provide effective student advisement


Provide placement services for students

through Job Service North Dakota

Enhance and expand recruiting efforts

to include the non-traditional, diverse


Provide leadership to the campus

diversity initiative

Maintain quality on-campus housing


Provide financial aid services consistent

with federal regulations

Educate service regions regarding

financial aid services

Mission -

The Mission of the Student Affairs

Division is to provide encouragement and

assistance to students seeking access to

Lake Region State College and to support

successful college experiences for a diverse

student population.

Implement a strong enrollment

management program which provides

the information students need for

good decision-making throughout their

college experience

Carry out efficient admissions

procedures which offer guidance and

assistance to students as they complete

the process of enrolling in college

Provide financial aid services which are

student-friendly and compliant with

federal and state regulations

Collaborate with faculty to support the

delivery of effective student advisement

Provide resources for career counseling

and assist students in accessing

appropriate personal counseling when


Develop activity programming which

provides a range of opportunities

for students to become involved in

the campus community outside the

classroom, to include: varsity sports,

intramural sports, campus clubs,

student governance, entertainment, arts

and humanities programming

Provide resident life programming which

promotes positive experiences and

personal growth opportunities for all


Provide a safe campus community

through education involving domestic

violence, sexual assault, date rape, and


Provide the campus community direct

advocacy services for victims

Provide auxiliary services which meet

students’ needs including food service,

bookstore, library, and technology


Maintain educational records for all


Provide services for students who need

to access and update their records as

allowed by policy

Provide a wide range of placement

services for students and graduates

Administrative Affairs

Administrative Affairs effectively

manages all activities relating to

financial reporting, budgeting,

purchasing, accounts payable and

receivable, student loan collections,

equipment inventory, motor pool,

payroll, personnel functions in

accordance with applicable policies,

regulations, and laws, oversees ficscal

responsibility of grants, and coordinate

marketplace stores. This service area

provides management oversight for

physical plant operations and auxiliary

functions of bookstore and dining