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Page Background


Lake Region State College

Provide professional development

opportunities for faculty and staff

Offer library and media services that

support and enhance the curricula

Provide curricula that give the student

a foundation for life-long learning and

personal development

Endorse a general education philosophy

Provide curricula that prepare the

student to succeed today and to meet

the challenges of tomorrow

Provide courses that enable the

student to fulfill the general education

requirements set forth by the North

Dakota University System

Develop and provide short-term training

that meets the needs of business and


Deliver educational outreach

opportunities to meet the needs of the


Provide effective and supportive

leadership and management to all

departments and individuals working

under the direction of Academic Affairs

Assess societal trends and standards

continuously in order to develop new

courses and programs or alter existing


Mission -

Academic Affairs provides

leadership and support to instructional

faculty from the academic, business, and

trade and technical divisions. The three

divisions have the following missions:

Academic Division Mission



Academic Division focuses on the

student, providing high-quality, accessible

educational opportunities in the liberal

arts. The division strives to maintain an

educational environment in which students

learn to think critically and creatively and

to express themselves cogently, broadening

their understanding of life and their ability

to function successfully and to their full

potential in a complex and changing society.

Business Division Mission -

The Business

Division strives to be responsive to the

Student Information

needs of students, business, and industry.

The division is dedicated to providing a

quality learning environment, utilizing

various instructional methods and delivery

systems so that the needs and capabilities

of all students may be best addressed.

The division utilizes the most advanced

technologies available to respond to the

rapidly-changing demands of business

and maintains a quality student-centered

learning environment.

Trade and Technical Division Mission -

The Trade and Technical Division offers

various specialized programs. The division

frequently assesses industry trends and

standards and alters curricula to ensure the

quality of its programs. It is the mission of

the Trade and Technical Division to provide

students with current knowledge and

training necessary for immediate entry into

various specialties within the job market.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs encourages and assists

students seeking access to Lake Region

State College by supporting successful

college experiences for a diverse student

population. The function of Student Affairs is

to implement a strong enrollment program,

carry out efficient admissions procedures,

provide financial aid services, collaborate

with faculty in student advisement, provide

resources for career counseling, develop

activity programming, provide quality

on-campus housing facilities, maintain

educational records, and provide a wide

range of placement services.

Statement of Purposes:

Counsel students effectively to meet

their personal goals in their choices of

education and/or careers consistent

with their interests and aptitudes

Encourage development of a positive

learning environment campus-wide

Provide supportive services for at-risk