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Lake Region State College

Students, employees and visitors shall not

be on campus or at an LRSC sponsored

activity while under the influence. Violations

of this policy constitutes misconduct

and disciplinary action may be imposed

according to Student Conduct Policy 800.30

and the Code of Conduct Policy 1500.05.

The policy addressing alcohol and drugs

in the residence halls can be found in the

Residence Life/Housing Policy 800.08.

Reference Section 1500.15 in the Lake

Region State College Policy and Procedure

Manual for the full policy.

Consensual Relationships -

Lake Region

State College discourages consensual

relationships, i.e., amorous, romantic, or

sexual relationships, between faculty and

students, staff and students, supervisors

and subordinates, and students who

have an authority relationship over other

students. This policy is in effect when one

individual has a control, power, authority,

or responsibility position over another. Lake

Region State College expressly prohibits any

form of sexual harassment of employees

and students when a previous consensual

relationship ceases to exist or such a

relationship is rejected by one of the parties.

If the parties do engage in a consensual

relationship as defined above, the person in

the authority position is obligated to report

the relationship to his or her department

head or supervisor immediately. Failure to

report the relationship or any significant

delay in reporting may be cause for

disciplinary action. Documentation of the

reporting and any subsequent actions taken

by the department head or supervisor, such

as advising the parties of the potential

for sexual harassment charges if the

relationship ends, is required.

Academic Integrity


Lake Region State College is

committed to an environment of integrity.

The college values academic achievement

and expects students to be truthful,

ethical and responsible in their academic

work. Commitment to academic integrity

is the responsibility of every Lake Region

State College student and employee. The

Academic Integrity Code is established

to encourage students to be responsible

for their own learning by completing

assignments, preparing for lessons, and

participating in class in ethical and honest


Definition -

Academic integrity is

intellectual honesty, responsibility, and

ethical behavior in scholastic conduct from

use of information to actions in a classroom.

It is the guide for the “pursuit of knowledge

and understanding within a community of

inquiry” (American University).

Examples -

Examples of academic

dishonesty include, but are not limited to the


1. Cheating is receiving or sending, or

attempting to receive or send information,

answers, data, etc. not otherwise permitted

by the instructor.

• Receiving, sharing, or transmitting

information before or during an exam

to someone who will be or is taking the


• Looking at another student’s test during

an exam or allowing another students

to look at your exam

• Copying from another student’s test or

homework assignment with or without

the other student’s permission

• Working with another student on a test

or an assignment without authorization

• Using unauthorized material (texts,

calculators, smart phones, paper,

websites, notes on computer)to obtain

answers or information for a test

• Using passwords or electronic

signatures of other individuals for any

reasons, including to take a test for

another person

• Sharing answers for an assignment

Student Information