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suspension or expulsion. The College will

ensure due process and define routes of


Reference Section 800.30 in the Lake Region

State College Policy and Procedure Manual

for the full policy.

Investigative, Adjudication and Appeal

The investigative, adjudication, and appeal

procedures, designed to ensure due process

and the protection of right for all parties

involved, is detailed on Section 800.31 of

the Policy and Procedure Manual.

Student Complaint and Grievance -

Complaints and grievances from students

will be handled consistently with the State

Board of Higher Education policies and the

North Dakota University System procedures.

Any college employee or student may file

a verbal or written complaint with the

Director of Student Services against any

student for misconduct. Students alleging

improper, unfair, arbitrary, or disciminatory

treatment should first discuss the grievance

witht e college official who was involved in

the disputed action. If the complaint is not

resolved, the student may bring the concern

to the Director of Student Services who will

forward it to the appropriate supervisor.

On-campus adjudication for student

complaints is conducted through the Vice

President of Student Affairs.

Reference Section 800.31 in the Lake Region

State College Policy and Procedure Manual

for the full policy.

Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs -

Lake Region State College (LRSC) students

and employees are required to abide by

all federal, state and local laws. Except

as authorized by SBHE policy 918 and/or

NDUS procedure 918, the consumption,

use, possession, distribution, or sale of

alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs while on

property under the control of LRSC or at

an LRSC sponsored activity is prohibited.

experience. Event schedules are posted

during the semester. All LRSC students

are eligible to participate in the Intramural

Recreations Program. Recreational activities

include basketball, softball, volleyball,

skating, bowling, billiards, darts, dodge ball,

board games, soccer, flag football, video

games and more.

Intercollegiate Athletics -

The athletic

program is a major extracurricular activity.

The varsity sports on campus are men’s

and women’s basketball and golf, women’s

volleyball, women’s fast pitch softball and

men’s baseball. These teams are members

of the Mon-Dak Conference. The athletic

programs are affiliated with the National

Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA).

Photos, Videos and other media

coverage -

Lake Region State College

occasionally photographs and videos

individuals and/or groups in public venues,

spaces on campus, and other college-

sponsored events. This statement is public

notification of such practice. By participating

in a program of Lake Region State College

student (or their parent/guardian if the

student is under the age of 18) give LRSC

the right to use and publish in whole, or

in part, any recorded footage in which the

student’s name, likeness, image and/or

voice may be included. Should the student

object to the use of any of these, they may

withhold release by filling out a form from

the Registrar’s Office located in Student


Student Conduct

Students are expected to obey local,

state and federal laws, to show respect

for properly constituted authority, to

meet contractual obligations, to maintain

academic integrity in scholastic work and to

observe standards of conduct appropriate

for an institution of higher learning. Students

are expected to be responsible for their

actions, whether acting individually or in

groups. Failure to meet acceptable standards

of conduct may result in disciplinary action,