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Lake Region State College

The residence hall policy mandates

a smoke-free environment, including

family apartments. According to state

policy, alcohol is not allowed on campus.

Students who are found to have alcohol

on their person or in their rooms will face

severe penalties that could include a fine,

community service, notification of parents,

and alcohol evaluation and eviction.

According to the no tolerance policy with

regard to the use of illegal drugs on campus,

students will be evicted immediately if they

are found to be in possession of drugs.

With the exception of varsity athletes and

international students, campus housing is

not a requirement.

Childcare Services -

College Care for

Kids, a privately-operated childcare center,

provides quality care for children in a safe

learning and social setting. Children learn

through academically-structured play;

therefore, many of the learning experiences

provided are offered through play activities.

These activities are designed to stimulate

healthy development in cognitive, social,

physical, emotional and language areas.

Openings are based on availability. For more

information, contact College Care for Kids at

(701) 662-1592.

Dining Services -

Dining services is

centrally located in the same complex as the

residence halls and provides three meals

daily Monday through Friday. In addition to

the regular meal plans, a weekend plan is

available. A board contract is required of all

students residing in the residence halls (see

tuition and fees section).


Lake Region State College offers students an

opportunity to grow socially, physically, and

intellectually. A wide range of activities are

offered to appeal to a variety of interests.

There are a number of specialized student

organizations as well as groups organized to

promote artistic, religious or other interests

and fellowships:

Business Club

Campus Crusade for Christ

Collegiate DECA

Drama Club

Hands on Campus (ASL)

International Students Club

Law Enforcement Club

Pep/concert Band

Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Theta Kappa

Residence Hall Association

Royal Ambassadors

Sim Tech Club

Skills USA

Student Nurse Organization (SNO)

Student Senate

Student Senate -

Student Senate is the

governing body for Lake Region State

College students and the Campus Activities

Board (CAB). Student Senate is made up

of senators appointed by the advisor and is

open to all students who seek involvement

in college decision-making processes and

communication with college administration.

The Senate and CAB are responsible for

allocation of student activity funds and

provide for student programs in the areas

of education, culture, social activity and

student welfare. CAB accepts applications

from clubs and faculty for programming

costs that benefit the student body at LRSC.

Student clubs and organizations on campus

must be officially recognized by the Student

Senate. The Student Senate outlines the

structure for this recognition.

Intramural Recreation Program -

Recreational activities provide an excellent

opportunity for students to further their

physical development and social interaction.

Such activities provide an avenue for

students to expand their focus beyond

academics. Participation in intramural

activities enhances the total educational

Student Information