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Toutges, Edmund E Memorial

Tufte, Collette

Turkula, Angela Memorial

Wakefield, James Memorial

Webster, Wilton and Shirly Family

Western State Bank

Woll, Professor Memorial

* Requires supplemental application -

available in Student Affairs



Benson County

Olger Sandven Memorial

Nelson County

Duchscherer, Brian Memorial


Lake Region Area

Altru Clinic Lake Region Scholarship

Darling Family

Key Event Scholarship

LaMotte, Cynthia Kuchar

Rebekah Lodge Olive Branch #9*

Rotary Club of Devils Lake

Devils Lake High School Graduates

Cranna, Thomas Paulson Memorial

Liere, Patrick Memorial

Pesek, Travis Memorial

Thompson, Scott Allan Memorial

Wood, Matthew Memorial

Walhalla Area

White, Frank

PTK President/Travel Abroad

Darling, Doug and Teresa

College Care For Kids

Wakefield, Thomas Family

Student Information

Students Facing Barriers

Altringer Family

Erlandson, Clarence and Ruth

Haugen, Rodger and Connie Memorial

Hahn, Everette A.

Lions Club of Devils Lake

Mahoney, Dr. James Memorial

Pearson Family

Wakefield, Daniel and Victoria

Exemplary Student

Aronson, Terry

Berg, Arne and Kristi

Bryn, Colleen

Crary All-School Reunion

Dimmler, Merman and Margaret

Fawcett Family

Foughty Family

Gate City Bank

Greenleaf, Doris Memorial

Greenleaf, Susan E. Memorial

Halle, Delphia Memorial

Hanson, Trish and Earl Memorial

Hastad, Agnes Memorial

Horner, Andy

Huesgen Family

Hyland, Frank Memorial

Jerome, Chuck and Sherry


Johnson, Leonard

Kenner, Corry and Kristin

Kienast, Shirley Memorial

Laber Family

Lake Region Winter Sports

Larson, Beatrice

Maxwell, Clarence adn Ruth

McCaughey, Theresa Herda

Stromme, Debbie

Summer, Lester and Elizabeth


Target Roofing