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applications are accepted after that

date. Additional external scholarships

may be available and will require

separate applications, available in the

Financial Aid office.

Cultural Diversity Waivers -

Up to

30 partial tuition waivers are available

to members of culturally diverse groups,

with special emphasis on service to

Native American students. Recipients

must assist with campus initiatives and

encourage multicultural understanding.

International Scholar -


scholarships reduce tuition for students

who meet eligibility criteria and live

on campus. Recipients must assist

with campus initiatives and encourage

multicultural understanding.

Keys to Opportunity Scholarships

Provided by the Community College


Honor Scholarships -

Students who

apply and submit ACT scores and/or

class rank information by March 1 will

receive priority consideration for honor

scholarships. Recipients must enroll

full time and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or


Florence Lake Presidential


- This provides full tuition

for four semesters to new high school

graduates who have demonstrated

leadership skills and ACT scores of

28 or higher, and submit an essay

outlining how they expect to impact

their community/world with their life

goals. Recipients must enroll as full-time

degree-seeking students and maintain a

3.0 GPA or higher.

Program Scholarships


Bundy, Thomas and Gillmore

Citizens Community Credit Union

Gebhard, Arlo

Hanson, Helen and Walter

Kavanaugh, Patrick

Nienhuis, David adn Jamie


Gerrells, Jay and Mavis

Herda, Thomas F. Memorial

Jerome, Aurelie adn William Memorial

Kirk, James

Mertens Family

Mertens, John A. Memorial

Pederson, Randall (Petey)

Play Hard (Target)

Sager, Harold (Bob) I Memorial

Southam Softball


Automotive Technology

Bergstrom, Candance and Renard

Bryn, Colleen

Clemenson, Clifford G. and Ann

Hanson, Rudolf and Ann

Nordic Fiberglass

Summers, Harley and Viola

(Toolbox Scholarship)

Business / Office Management

Hagen, John M.

LaBarre, James and Virginia

Nistler, Tom and Regina

Oehlke, Herman adn Emma

Praus, Christian Memorial

Pung Girls

Pung, Michael

Wood, Albert and Janet


Brown, Rodney

Piltigsrud, Herman Buttz, Inez

Student Information