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WNDT 235 Fault Analysis and Quality


This course offers students an opportunity

to consider fault trends across site fleets.

Students will then be introduced to quality

improvement reporting and use the knowl-

edge to construct a site specific quality

improvement report based on collected

data. (4 cr)

WNDT 240 Programmable Logic Con-


Students will learn the operations and basic

troubleshooting of programmable logic con-

trollers including basic ladder programming

and input and output concepts. (2 cr)

State Board Of Higher


Ms. Kathleen Neset, Chair


Mr. Don Morton, Vice Chair


Mr. Nick Hacker


Mr. Kevin Melicher


Mr. Mike Ness


Ms. Kari Reichert


Mr. Greg Stemen


Ms. Emma Tufte, Staff Adivser


Mr. Eric Murphy, Faculty Adviser


Brett Johnson, Student Member


North Dakota

University System

Dr. Mark Hagerott


Ms. Linda Donlin

Vice Chancellor for Strategic Engagement

Dr. Lisa Feldner

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

and Institutional Research

Ms. Laura Glatt

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs