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THEA 299 Special Topics

Approval of instructor. (1-9 cr)


UNIV 101

Introduction to College Life

Introduction to skills needed to succeed in

college lectures, in-class exercises, com-

munication with instructors and each other;

understanding videos, guest speakers, learn-

ing modules, and textbooks. (1 cr)


WELD 100 Orientation and Safety

Broad overview of the various welding and

machining processes as well as their applica-

tions; development of safe working habits

and safe working conditions in the Welding

and Machine Trades. (3 cr)

WELD 101 Introduction to Welding,

Brazing, Cutting

Course on oxy-acetylene welding, flame

cutting, brazing, hard surfacing and safety.

Development of the manual skills necessary

to produce high quality mild steel fillet and

square groove welds and carbon steel pipe

welds in all positions. Related information

provided through lectures and audio visual

material. (3 cr)

WELD 102

Testing OA in Welding/Brazing

Continuation of WELD 101. (3 cr)

WELD 103 GMA & FCA Welding

Course on thorough technical understanding

of welding safety, gas metal arc welding fun-

damentals, gas metal arc equipment adjust-

ments, metal transfer, and shielding gases.

Development of manual skils necessary to

make high quality gas metal arc welds in all

positions. (3 cr)

WELD 104 SMA Welding I

Course on thorough understanding of arc

welding fundamentals, welding safety, arc

welding machines, electrode selections and

classifications. Development of manual skills

necessary to make high quality welds in all

positions on mild steel. (3 cr)

WELD 105 SMA Welding II

Continuation of WELD 104. (3 cr)

WELD 106 GTA & PA Welding

Course on thorough technical understanding

of gas tungsten arc welding fundamentals,

arc characteristics, and welding safety.

Development of the skills necessary to make

high-quality welds in all positions. (3 cr)

WELD 108

Symbols for Welding Blueprints

Basic course in graphics and study of weld-

ing symbols. (3 cr)

WELD 299 Special Topics

Students work on projects selected accord-

ing to student interest. Approval of instruc-

tor. (1-6 cr)

WNDT—Wind Energy Techni-


WNDT 100 Electricity I

Introduction to electricity and electrical

generation. Includes a survey of electri-

cal concepts from atoms and electrons to

doubly fed induction generators. Studies

of direct current and circuit analysis with a

focus on Ohm’s law and alternating current

including magnetism, inductance and rotat-

ing machines. (5 cr)

WNDT 101

Introduction to Wind Operations

Introduction to wind turbine generator sys-

tems, operational control of those systems

and wind site operations including an intro-

duction to turbine technician’s roles and job

duties. (3 cr)