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SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology

Study of human interaction within various

social units. Emphasis on basic sociological

concepts, principles, ideas, and theory.

(3 cr)

SOC 115 Social Problems

Critical analysis of contemporary problems in

the United States. Discussed with respect to

sociological theories, issues include wealth

distribution, racial inequalities, family prob-

lems, education environment, health care,

mental illness, crime, and drugs. (3 cr)

SOC 220 The Family

Examination of contemporary families

including cultural, economic, and historical

influences. A critical evaluation of marriage,

work, parenthood, dating, love, sexuality,

and divorce examined from a sociological

perspective. (3 cr)

SOC 225 Introduction to Women’s


Introductory study of the creation and per-

petuation of gender inequalities. Emphasis

on the historical roots of such inequalities;

contemporary issues affecting women, work

and family; violence against women; and

health, sexuality, economics and politics.

This study will also give voice to a range of

women’s experiences from a multicultural

perspective. (3 cr)

SOC 235 Cultural Diversity

Awareness of diversity in its many forms

including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race,

gender, and age. Diversity examined mainly

from a macro perspective, with exercises

designed to personalize the issues. Un-

derstanding, appreciating, and learning to

communicate effectively with diverse people

emphasis of this course. (3 cr)

SOC 252 Criminology

Overview of the criminal justice system and

its effects on criminal behavior. Examination

of crime from multiple theoretical perspec-

tives which include sociology, biology, and

psychology. Theories, concepts, nature, ex-

tent, and types of criminal behaviors studied

in detail. Prerequisite: SOC 110 or approval

of instructor. (3 cr)

SOC 275 Native American Studies

A study of American Indian culture influenc-

ing history, value and attitude differences.

This course will help the student under-

stand, appreciate, and learn to communicate

effectively with American Indian people.

(3 cr)

SOC 299 Special Topics

Exploration of topics in sociology not cov-

ered by the standard curriculum. Approval of

instructor. (1‑3 cr)

SOIL—Soil Science

SOIL 210 Introduction to Soil Science

Introduction to basic principles of soil sci-

ence and the study of soil properties such

physical, chemical and biological and how

each relates to the crop production resourc-

es and the environment. (3 cr)

SOIL 222 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers

Review of soil chemistry, plant required nu-

trients, soil testing, soil test interpretation,

liming soils, soil fertilizers, fertilizer analysis,

methods of fertilizer application, manure

applications, environmental concerns about

fertilizer applications and economics of fertil-

izer use. Emphasis on the profitable use of

fertilizers in crop production. (3 cr)

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course