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Lake Region State College

PSYC 210

Human Sexuality

This is a course about the biology of human

sexuality. Sexuality is an integral part of life;

knowledge and understanding of one’s sexu-

ality are essential to make decisions regard-

ing physiological and social aspects of one’s

sexual life. In this class, we will discuss the

anatomy and physiology of male and female

reproduction, including a discussion of hor-

mones, anatomy, menstruation, pregnancy,

and birth. We will learn about birth control,

STDs, sexual response, gender identification,

love and attraction. We will also cover such

topics as homosexuality and paraphilia. We

will discuss not only the scientific aspects,

but also the cultural, historical and legal

issues that pertain to these topics. Prerequi-

site: PSYC 111. (3 cr)

PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology

Study of human development from a life-

span perspective, an on-going process from

conception to death. Physical, cognitive,

social, and personality changes examined

throughout the life cycle. Prerequisite: PSYC

111. (3 cr)

PSYC 270 Abnormal Psychology

Multidimensional approach to study of men-

tal disorders using the most current diag-

nostic information such as the DSM-IV-TR.

Symptomatology, etiology, diagnosis, causes,

and treatment of mental disorders empha-

sized. Prerequisite: PSYC 111. (3 cr)

PSYC 299 Special Topics

Small group instruction in various aspects

of psychology and its influence on human

relationships. Approval of instructor. (1‑3 cr)


SCNC 299 Special Topic

Lower division topics of science. Approval of

instructor required. (1-3 cr)

POLS 220 International Politics

Study the struggle for power and order in

the international system with emphasis on

the nation-state and sovereignty, power

politics, diplomacy, the network of economic,

political, cultural, and technological interde-

pendence of peoples, and the motivations

and national interests of countries. Concen-

tration on the specific factors that shape

present American foreign policy, reviewing

the sources of past and present international

friction and cooperation. (3 cr)

POLS 225 Comparative Politics I

Comparative and analytical study of the con-

stitutions, governmental structure, political

dynamics, and social and economic issues

confronting democratic countries. (3 cr)

POLS 236

American Constitution—Civil Liberties

Analysis of U.S. Supreme Court decisions

and interpretations which focus on civil liber-

ties, equal protection, due process, and First

Amendment rights. (3 cr)

POLS 299 Special Topics

Topics such as “The Crisis of the Presidency,”

“the Role of the Media in Government,” and

“The Politician in the American Political Sys-

tem”. Based on student interest. Approval of

instructor. (1‑3 cr)


PSYC 100

Human Relations in Organizations

Study of building effective, successful work

and social relationships. Topics covered

include the impact of personal and organi-

zational values, motivation, self-awareness,

goal setting, conflict management, commu-

nications, and stress management.

(3 cr)

PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology

Basic ideas, concepts, and perspectives of

psychology. Course enables student to pur-

sue upper level psychology courses.

(3 cr)

Course Descriptions