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Lake Region State College

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course

edge on how to incorporate nutrition educa-

tion effectively to assist clients in changing

behaviors. (2 cr)

NUTR 270 Nutrition for the Fitness

Specialist I

The course covers the principles of sound

nutrition as it relates to the average

individual in our society. The student will

explore nutrition for a healthy lifestyle as

well as clinical nutrition for those with health

concerns. Topics include client recommenda-

tions in nutrition, food preparation, supple-

mentation, and weight loss. This course

will help the student recognize nutrition

misinformation as well as the falsehood in

nutrition product advertising and dispute

“miracle diet” claims. Prerequisite: NUTR

240. (3 cr)

NUTR 271 Nutrition for the Fitness

Specialist II

This course introduces the student to energy

production and performance as well as the

ramifications of nutrition on sports activities.

Students learn the principles of nutrition

as they relate specifically to fitness, sports,

and performance. Students also learn how

to distinguish between fact and fallacy in

the confusing world of sport nutrition and

supplements. Prerequisite: NUTR 270. (3 cr)


PHIL 101

Introduction to Philosophy

Basic problems, concepts, and methods of

philosophy. (3 cr)

PHIL 299 Special Topics

Exploration of Philosophy topics not covered

by the standard curriculum. Approval of

instructor. (1‑3 cr)


PHRM 215

Introduction to Pharmacology

The course is designed to survey the termi-

nology, drug laws, math, and drug dosages

used in medication administration. A study

of medications within each drug classifica-

tion using the nursing process emphasizes

safe, effective drug therapy. Prerequisites:

BIOL 220 or anatomy equivalent, 221 or

physiology equivalent, and chemistry course.

(3 cr)


PHYS 110 Introductory Astronomy

This is an introductory astronomy class

intended to give the student an apprecia-

tion of the universe in which we live. Topics

covered will include: ancient astronomy and

the Copernican Revolution, astronomical

measurements and instruments, the solar

system, stars and stellar evolution, galaxies,

black holes, and cosmology. (3 cr)

PHYS 211 College Physics I

This non-calculus general physics course

is recommended for pre-medical or pre-

professional students. Topics: Newtonian

mechanics and gravitation, work and energy,

solids and fluids, heat and thermodynam-

ics. The laboratory is a corequisite of this

course. A student may not receive credit for

Physics 211, 211L, Physics 212, 212L and

also Physics 161, 161L, and Physics 162,

162L. Prerequisite: MATH 103 or approval of

instructor. (4 cr)

PHYS 212 College Physics II


his non-calculus general physics course

is recommended for pre-medical or pre-

professional students. Topics: vibrations and

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