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Lake Region State College

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course

ENGL 238 Children’s Literature

Introductory survey of picture books, poetry,

folklore, fantasy, realistic fiction, biography,

and informational books for children from

infancy through puberty. (3 cr)

ENGL 251 British Literature I

Survey of major works and writers in British

Literature from the Anglo-Saxon Period

through the Eighteenth Century. (3 cr)

ENGL 252 British Literature II

Survey of major works and writers in British

Literature from the Romantic Age to the

present. (3 cr)

ENGL 278 Alternative Literature

Examines literary works in genres frequently

judged outside the literary canon, such as

science fiction, detective stories, ethnic and

beat literature, and focuses on the literary

qualities they share in high literature.

(3 cr)

ENGL 299 Special Topics

Varying areas of content, issues, or themes

in study of language and literature. Approval

of instructor. (1-3 cr)

FTT—Fitness Trainer


FTT 220 Exercise Prescription

This course covers the general theory,

principles and practice of exercise prescrip-

tion for healthy and diseased individuals.

Emphasis will be on aerobic and resistance

exercise program design based on risk factor

assessment, medical history and fitness as-

sessment. (3 cr)

FTT 240 Techniques of Fitness Assess-


The course looks into the theory and prac-

tice of administering exercise and fitness

tests to assess an individual¿s health-related

physical fitness. Students will learn how to

perform the assessments and understand

why each skill is important. (3 cr)

FTT 297 Fitness Trainer Internship

This capstone course is taken in the last

semester of the program. This course inte-

grates the students skills, knowledge, and

abilities through hands-on application in a

fitness environment. Students will complete

this on-the-job training program in a pre-

approved health, fitness or wellness setting

that employs a variety of techniques com-

mon to the field. This is a 64 hour internship

experience. (1 cr)


HIST 101 Western Civilization I

Introductory survey of the major economic,

intellectual, political and social developments

from the beginning of recorded Western his-

tory through the Persian, Greek, and Roman

Empires to the Medieval and Renaissance

eras. (3 cr)

HIST 102 Western Civilization II

Survey of the major economic, intellectual,

political, and social developments in Europe-

an history from 1500 to the present. Study

includes the Reformation era, Absolutism

and Constitutionalism, the Enlightenment,

the Age of Revolution, and the Imperialistic

Age leading to the Great War, Depression,

World War II, and the present European

unification movement. (3 cr)

HIST 103 United States to 1877

Survey of the intellectual, economic, political

and social developments of our nation in-

cluding colonial origins, the Revolution, early

growth of the country, issue of sectionalism

leading to the Civil War and the rebuilding of

the South after the War. (3 cr)

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