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ELEC 299 Special Topics

Instruction in various topics related to

Simulator Maintenance that require special

permission. (1-3 cr)


ENGL 105 Technical Communications

Development of written and oral communi-

cation skills, instruction in writing applica-

tions, résumés, various types of letters, and

oral expression. (3 cr)

ENGL 110 College Composition I

Guided practice in college-level reading,

writing, and critical thinking.

(3 cr)

ENGL 120 College Composition II

Advanced practice in college-level writing

and in applying rhetorical strategies. Prereq-

uisite: ENGL 110. (3 cr)

ENGL 125

Introduction to Professional Writing

Advanced practice in college-level writing

which emphasizes writing and research in

professional settings. (3 cr)

ENGL 150 Library Orientation

Introduction to skills and concepts neces-

sary for research. Basic understanding of

reference materials, electronic and paper

indexes, electronic data base resources, and

a general knowledge of services offered by

the library. (1 cr)

ENGL 211 Introduction to Creative


Guided practice of writing skills related to

the imaginative uses of language. (3 cr)

ENGL 213 Literary Publication

Explores the methods and history of literary

publication, with real-world application in

the production of an annual literary and

art magazine. Students will prepare the

publication for printing, experience editing

at a high level, and work collaboratively

to produce a high-quality final publication.

Additional activities include planning and

hosting public readings, open mic nights,

and other activities related to fostering the

campus community’s involvement in the

magazine. (3 cr)

ENGL 220 Introduction to Literature

Reading and discussion of representative

examples of poetry, drama and fiction, with

emphasis on the use of common literary

terminology. (3 cr)

ENGL 221 Introduction to Drama

Survey of drama from Greek times to the

present studied as a literary type and for

critical appreciation. (2 cr)

ENGL 223 Introduction to the Novel

Study of long works of fiction illustrating

the history of the form, its purposes, and its

audiences. (3 cr)

ENGL 224 Introduction to Fiction

Study of representative short stories and

novels and their historical and literary back-

grounds. (2 cr)

ENGL 225 Introduction to Film

A general introduction to film studies,

including analysis of narrative and stylistic

elements of film. (3 cr)

ENGL 231 Bible as Literature

Examination of the Bible’s literature with an

emphasis on biblical culture, history, and

geography as well as comparisons of trans-

lations. (3 cr)

ENGL 232 Mythology

Study of representative myths, legends, and

folklore from various cultures with emphasis

upon the literary aspects of myths. (3 cr)

= fall semester

= spring semester

= online course