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Lake Region State College

CSCI 172

Intermediate Basic/Visual Basic

Advanced techniques in programming in a

high-level language. Topics include re-

cursion, pointers, and fundamental data

structures and their use in developing small-

to medium-scale programs. Prerequisites:

CSCI 122 and MATH 103 or approval of

instructor. (3 cr)

CSCI 299 Special Topics

Approval of instructor. (1-3 cr)

EC—Early Childhood

EC 210 Introduction to Early Childhood


Introduction to types of childcare programs

and developmental and learning theories

as they apply to the care and education of

the teacher observing the child, guiding the

child’s behavior, and selecting developmen-

tally appropriate activities. (4 cr)

EC 220 Infants and Toddlers

This course guides students through the

best practice process in providing quality

care for infants and toddlers involving the

knowledge of the sequence of development

in the physical, intellectual, language, social

and emotional areas. Involves weekly partic-

ipation in the routine of a child care facility

and development of activities. (4 cr)

EC 222 Administration and Leader-

ship in Early Childhood Education

Includes the study of various models of

Early Childhood Program Management. Stu-

dents will develop a business plan including

job descriptions, personnel policies, budget,

record keeping, advertising, facility design,

and employee evaluation. Involves weekly

participation in the management of an early

childhood facility. (3 cr)

EC 233 Pre K Methods and Materials

Information on why activities should be

incorporated as well as how to include them.

Topics on creative environments, develop-

mental needs of children, art, games, music/

movement, language arts/books, math,

science, career awareness, food, health,

and safety activities for young children. Care

givers, teachers, parents, and future parents

will find this class practical and informative.

(5 cr)

EC 236 Social and Emotional Develop-

ment and Guidance

Social and emotional development of

children 0 to 8 years of age is examined

as a basis for understanding and working

with children in early care and educational

settings. Involves application of guidance

principles in a laboratory setting. (3 cr)

EC 297

Early Childhood Internship

The day-to-day experiences and responsibili-

ties of a child care provider. This course will

focus on providing a safe, healthy, learning

environment, physical and cognitive devel-

opment, and communication. The student

will plan, implement, and evaluate activities

appropriate to the developmental level of

the children at the work site. (5 cr)

EC 299 Special Topics

Instruction in various early childhood

education topics based on the needs and/

or interests of students. Requires instructor

approval. (1-10 cr)


ECON 201

Principles of Microeconomics

Introductory study to the market economy

and the determination of national income,

output, and employment. Emphasis on the

basic market factors, determinants of aggre-

gate supply and demand, and the govern-

ment’s role in the distribution of resources.

(3 cr)

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