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Lake Region State College

= fall semester

= spring semester

= summer semester

= online course

dents will be exposed to various components

of Unix/Linux operating systems, as well as

how to use tools available at the command

line. (1-3 credits)

CIS 299 Special Topics

Approval of instructor. (1‑4 cr)

CJ—Criminal Justice

CJ 101 Fundamentals of Law Enforce-


Basic subject matter knowledge necessary

for the proper performance of police duties.

Deals with the subjects consistently relied

upon by the law enforcement officer in

making the decisions associated with all law

enforcement tasks. (3 Credits)

CJ 102 Investigation Techniques

Fundamental principles and abstractions of

investigations. Emphasis placed on the ba-

sics of criminal investigation, methods, and

techniques. (2 cr)

CJ 104 Defensive Tactics

Legal principles of the use of force and

physical self-defense with hands on train-

ing including pepper spray, baton, Pressure

Point Control Tactics (PPCT), and force on

force simulation training. (2 cr)

CJ 150 Patrol Procedures

Theories, procedures, and methods of op-

erations associated with police patrol duties.

Specifically, the course deals with the de-

velopment of a working knowledge of traffic

codes, traffic offenses, and the discretionary

powers available to the working police of-

ficer. (3 cr)

CJ 155 Police Skills

Extensive hands‑on approach to learning the

tasks commonly performed by the working

police officer. Special emphasis placed on

learning by doing and includes performance

of several duties, such as searches, hand-

cuffing, interviews, court testimony, report

writing, and public speaking. (4 cr)

CJ 160 The Legal System

Function and ethics in the law office and

legal system. An introduction to the federal

and state court systems, personnel in the

legal field, and the historical development

and nature of the law. (4 cr)

CJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Study of the American criminal justice sys-

tem emphasizing the system, its legal fac-

tors, and its political constraints. Designed

for the students majoring in law enforce-

ment, criminology, sociology, social work,

legal secretary, political science, pre-law

and/or those interested in the jurisprudence

system. (3 cr)

CJ 210 Introduction to Policing in


Provides a solid foundation by tracking the

historical development of policing in Ameri-

can from its English roots to the organized

municipal police departments in the 1830s.

It describes various federal law enforcement

organizations and how they relate to state

and local police. There is examination of the

police subculture, explanation of the manner

in which police agencies are organized and

managed, community policing and problem

solving, patrol and criminal investigations,

impact of technology on police and discus-

sion of the future. (3 cr)

CJ 220 Criminal Law

In-depth study of criminal law and proce-

dure. Development of an understanding of

criminal jurisdiction and the elements of

criminal offenses and issues. Study of crimi-

nal procedure including search and seizure,

right to counsel, evidence motions, sentenc-

ing, and prisoner rights. (4 cr)

Course Descriptions