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Travel to England, Ireland, and Scotland in 2019

By   Erin Wood

Dublin? London? Edinburgh? Three European capital cities all in one trip?  And if one so chooses, Belfast also fits into the agenda! The Lake Region State College Study Abroad trip for 2019 features time in each of the cities, giving travelers a “taste” of each country and its culture. All that in ten days.

The trip has a dual focus for 2019. First, as always, are the artifacts and art associated with Humanities Survey classes at the college, covering from pre-civilization to modern times. Stonehenge, Rosetta Stone, mummies, and more as well as artists --Hogarth, Holbein, van Eyck and authors: Joyce, Burns, Swift, Rowlings.   Yes, Rowlings, as in JK Rowlings of Harry Potter fame.

In addition to the traditional humanities, special side trips will feature Harry Potter-themed events. One of the first stops will be at Platform 9 ¾ as depicted at King’s Cross Station. Harry Potter walks are available in both London and Edinburgh. In fact, in Edinburgh, the grave of a real person named Tom Riddle is on the stop. The highlight will be an afternoon at the actual Warner Brothers Studio for Harry Potter.

All this in addition to the sights—Big Ben, double decker busses; and sounds—Irish music, different accents; and tastes—Irish Stew, fish and chips; of any cultural tour to the British Islands.  For more details, contact Teresa Tande, coordinator at Teresa.tande@lrsc, or check out the website with full itinerary and costs:  If you have ever wanted a taste of Europe, but have limited time, this is the trip for you to consider.