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Peace officer academy in Minot

By   KX News Minot

Broadcast and published on KX News in Minot week of Jan. 27th, 2018

For the next four months these recruits will start their day at 630 in the morning.The first thing on the agenda is physical fitness.

"Lots of running and there's some different strength and coordination exercises like jumping over low hurdles and going under different bars," said recruit Shelby Barrett

"I didn't do a whole lot of cardiac and I'm paying for that now," said recruit Charles Stanford.

Because when duty calls running to help the community is what law enforcement does.

"We need to be able to be in shape, we loose officers every year in the United States because of heart attacks strokes things like that because they are out of shape and that's what causes their death," said director of training John Maritato.

So to build strength they hit the stairs.

They sprint.

Nathalie Gomez: Right now I am leading a ladder drill push up, let's see if I can get this correctly..

I completely messed it up and was done after just two push-ups.

But the recruits had to go all the way to one hundred.

Physical fitness is just one component of their training, the rest involves hitting the books, and learning other police tasks.

"This week they just finished up with criminal law, they have traffic law we do taser certification, we do pepper spray or oc certification," said Maritato.

The list goes on. Recruits tell me it's a lot of information but they know it's all part of the process.

"It's a lot, you have to remember that stuff and you have to know when you're actually out on the field, am I doing the right thing, said Stanford.

They say the guidance has been great.

"I don't think there will be any challenge to get where we need to be," said Barrett.

Having passion is another component.

"I just believe in it you know, I believe in policing your communities and making the world a better place," said Stanford.

With safety as their priority, these recruits are coming to a department near you.