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LRSC enrollment rebounds

By   Erin Wood

More students are attending Lake Region State College.

The college has issued its Fall 2017 enrollment report. The college reports 1,972 students this fall compared with 1,947 students last year and 1,918 in 2015. Full-time numbers are 527 compared with 501 last fall. Part-time enrollments dropped by one student to 1,445.

To equate all enrollments into a full-time equivalent number, the college takes total number of credits and divides that number by 15 credit hours to gauge a full-time comparison. The full-time equivalent is 994 this fall compared to 971 last year.

The power of a two-year college has been showcased often these past few years as industries across the nation shout for more employees from trades and technical fields.

The number of citizens who hold bachelor’s degree are returning to technical colleges for training in a specific field and a future, longstanding career.

The sentiment is being felt at LRSC enrollment has rebounded in many technical programs

The fall fourth week count is a snapshot of the students served at Lake Region State College. A report will be issued summer 2018 that reports total students served during the academic year.

Lake Region State College is a student-centered, open-access, comprehensive community college within the North Dakota University System. The college provides quality academic education, vocational/technical training, workforce training, educational outreach opportunities, and life-long learning.