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TrainND helps fill EMT shortage

By   Melissa Anderson, Cavalier County Republican

Seven new EMTs join Langdon Volunteer Ambulance

The Langdon Volunteer Ambulance will see a dramatic increase in numbers as seven community members have recently completed and passed the EMT course.

First published in the Cavalier County Republican, posted online 07/28/2017

By Melissa Anderson, Cavalier County Republican

The new EMTs are a result of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority(CCJDA) creating a grant that would help those interested in becoming EMTs to pay for the course.

“The Langdon Ambulance is very excited to have new EMTs on the squad and very thankful to the JDA for sponsoring this course,” Lindsey Gellner, Ambulance Director and Trauma Coordinator, stated.

Last year the CCJDA created a grant that improved the ability of the ambulance service to attract people to become certified EMTs by offering the class for free. The cost of the course was a major obstacle for many who were interested as the student had to pay the cost of the class up front and would later be reimbursed through a state grant that was received by the ambulance service once the student passed and was hired.

“The fact that the student had to pay for the cost of the class up front deterred many people from doing it even though there was a possibility they would get reimbursed,” Gellner explained. “The JDA grant improved the ability to attract new people to become EMTs by offering the class for free and only requiring the student to pay under certain circumstances.”

Once the grant was in place the course quickly filled with 14 community members signing up for the six month long course. Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and TrainND partnered with the CCJDA to provide the training course to the students, which ultimately saw seven of them go on to complete and pass the course and test.

The newly certified EMTs are Michele Anderson, Shanda Christianson, Barb Crockett, Lindsey Gellner, Dawn Christianson, Koree Hoffman, Monica Porterfield and Jessica Tank.

“This program was beneficial by providing Langdon Ambulance with seven new EMTs,” Gellner stated.
Now that the new EMTs have been certified, they will begin to ease the strain on the current volunteer EMT members. 

The ambulance is required to staff a minimum of two qualified people 24/7.

“By adding the seven new people it will reduce the amount of call that others need to take to fulfil the demands of staffing an ambulance service,” Gellner said.

The new EMTs will be responsible for taking call and responding to 911 calls and transfers, as needed.