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LRSC science professor teams with elementary teacher

By   Erin Wood

Lake Region State College Associate Professor, Shaun Prince, and Terri Moser, kindergarten teacher for Devils Lake Public Schools, were accepted into the Science Coaches program for the 2016-17 school year, sponsored by the American Chemical Society.

This opportunity will expose young minds to the joys of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and provide equipment to use in current and future classrooms.  Moser and Prince are working together to create educational opportunities for students along with obtaining equipment to enhance science learning for the young students.  Some of the purchased equipment includes a Jr. Microscope, plant and animal slides, magnetic 3-D building blocks, a butterfly garden, magnifying glasses, “Survive the Quake” bridge building materials, and leveled guided science readers.

The two of them have already met several times and have been implementing classroom activities based on STEM.  Their first cooperative activity ran the week before the 100th day of school.  It gave students several days of “secret agent” activities and allowed them to incorporate all subjects in their quest to rescue “Zero the Hero” and save 100’s Day!  Students learned about DNA, fingerprints, the scientific method, cracking a numerical ransom note, along with several other activities. 

The two teachers will continue to meet so together they can provide additional science education opportunities for students. They will spend the rest of this semester and fall semester planning and interacting with students. 

The two have also received complimentary membership to American Association of Chemistry Teachers.