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Student Senate to hold Spring Bash

By   Scott Dunbar

Student Senate, CRU and the Resident Assistants are excited to bring you Royal Bash Week.  Royal Bash Week is a weeklong competition between Student Organizations, Clubs, Teams.  The team that wins the overall week will get $500 in their organizations account.  

Royal Bash Week includes the following events;

Monday April 24 @ 9:00 PM in the Gym
College Olympics 
 A variety of crazy and wacky competitions.  (Example: Blanket Chariot Races)

Tuesday April 25 @ 8:00 PM in the Union: Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl is a trivia team competition very similar to NERDOLOGY, but at the same time different.  

Staff and Faculty are also invited to participate and form a team.  Some questions are targeted for students while others are targeted towards Faculty and Staff in the category: Old School or New School  (Example: According to the constitution who is third in line for the oval office?  New students would have been taught the Speaker of the House, while an older generation would have been taught Secretary of State.  From 1972 to 1947 the Secretary of State was third in line, that changed in 1947 to the speaker.)

Wednesday April 26 @ 7:30 PM in the Playground
Archery Tag

Teams will consist of 4 members and three teams will be on the battle field at a time.  This will be in the style of C.O.D., and we will play until teams are eliminated and have been placed.  
Still not sure what Archery Tag is, here is a short video:

Thursday April 27 @ 8:00 PM in the Gym
Fear Factor

Bring your teams to compete in the gruesome challenges base of the hit TV show Fear Factor.  This will be the final event of the week and the overall winner will be announced at the conclusion of the event.  The overall weeks winning student organization, club, or team will have $500 transferred into their account.