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Small colleges create environment of success

By   Sarah Young

When Jace Greene, a graduate of Lake Region State College, set foot on the UND campus, it was with the confidence gained through a year and a half of course work, the knowledge that he was debt-free, and the confidence that Business Administration was the major he wished to pursue.

Greene focused on business and accounting classes at LRSC – courses and a program that provide marketable skills in a variety of business employment opportunities.

Because many LRSC students plan to transfer to four year universities, LRSC offers an atmosphere and services to make the transition to a larger university smoother.

“The classes at UND were so much bigger, and I didn’t have the face to face connection with my teachers that I had at Lake Region,” Greene recalls, “But Lake Region prepared me to put in good work and effort. That enabled me to be successful at UND.”

The Inestimable Value of Accounting
 “I tell prospective students that accounting is the language of business,” says Lake Region State College accounting instructor Kay Grinsteinner, “Anyone who is interested in any aspect of owning, operating, or managing a business should consider taking at least one or two accounting classes.”

LRSC combines accounting with business administration to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a broad background of information while also encouraging students to explore the specialty. 

Whether Lake Region students intend to earn a two-year degree, enter the workforce, or proceed on to a four year university, the Accounting and Business Administration program educates and equips them to prosper in their field.

Greene found that the business administration program at LRSC equipped him with the skills needed to proceed on to UND and then further to his employment at Western State Bank after graduation.

“Even though the accounting courses at UND were more advanced, I felt that LRSC’s business classes helped me to see that’s exactly what I wanted to go into,” Greene says, “Even though my position at Western [State Bank] isn’t a management position, I am able to succeed because of the skills and theories I learned taking classes through LRSC.”

Graduates of LRSC’s Business Administration program will have a firm grasp on accounting principles and theories, recording revenues and expenditures, explaining legal requirements for businesses, using basic budgets and cost estimates, and reading, understanding, and explaining financial statements. 

“No matter what job you have, you will be impacted by financial data at some point,” Grinsteinner says, “Our program emphasizes understanding of business from a 360 degree perspective, as an accountant, creditor, investor, entrepreneur/owner, or customer.”

This technique of employing multiple viewpoints helps students understand the complexities of the business world and equips them for employment in the broad occupation of accounting where career options and specializations are many.

LRSC classes also equip students to be effective communicators Grinsteinner explains that accounting is not just about math but “the ability to communicate complex information to a variety of audiences.” 

Both Greene and Grinsteinner agree that an essential benefit to LRSC’s Business Administration program is the opportunity students have to form relationships within the Lake Region community.

Greene found this helpful in finding employment. He worked as an overnight data center representative for Western State Bank while he was a student and now is a full time employee for that financial institution. He was able to form relationships during his time as a student that he carried over into his current employment. Many other LRSC graduates of the Business Administration program do the same.

“Our students can provide insight and energy to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities that are here,” Grinsteinner says as she reflects on the value of LRSC graduates in the community.

For more information about the Business Administration and Accounting program, please visit