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CHS Foundation funds training equipment for LRSC

By   Erin Wood

Students and producers will have opportunity for advanced education and training opportunities thanks to a $100,000 grant from the CHS Foundation. 

The grant will fund the Next Gen Simulation in Agriculture Laboratory (SAL), a portable training lab which will include five simulators designed to teach aspects of agriculture difficult to bring into a classroom setting, such as precision ag equipment, soil to crop characteristics and crop production techniques.  The SAL will provide students with more hands on activities during their time in the Precision Ag Program at Lake Region State College.

During the March 2016 legislative session, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly approved a 50 percent match for qualifying funds through the North Dakota Higher Education Challenge Fund, increasing the impact by $50,000.  

“CHS and the CHS Foundation are dedicated to creating a strong future for rural America and educating the next generation of agricultural leaders,” said Linda Tank, president, CHS Foundation.  “Partnering with Lake Region State College on the Simulation in Agriculture Laboratory will expose students and producers to agronomic principles through STEM-based agricultural education.”

According to Program Director, Preston Sundeen, students have the desire to take what they are learning in a textbook and apply to a real agriculture setting while in the classroom.  The stimulators will allow students to learn about agronomic principles impacting plant growth and yield, such as soil characteristics, crop stress and combine calibration during harvest.   Through hands-on applications, students will be able to show soil fertility, compaction, rainfall and drainage and measure how the plants react. 

“We are grateful to the CHS Foundation for helping us to continue providing these opportunity to our students,” said Sundeen. “These pieces, along with other components of the program bring a whole new level of understanding that cannot be achieved through textbooks. The educational materials provided by the grant will ensure educational excellence in LRSC’s Precision Ag program, enhance outreach to youth about careers in agriculture, and serve as a training base for today’s producers.”

The CHS Foundation is the major giving entity of CHS Inc., the nation's leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company. As a part of the CHS stewardship focus, the CHS Foundation supports programs that develop future leaders for agriculture through education and leadership programs, improve agricultural safety and enhance community vitality in rural America.  

Lake Region State College is a student-centered, open-access, comprehensive community college within the North Dakota University System. The college provides quality academic education, vocational/technical training, workforce training, educational outreach opportunities, and life-long learning. Lake Region State College has been accredited since 1973 and serves a vital role in the community, region, state, and nation for preparing students for success. For more information contact (701) 662-1598.