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Travel to the British Isles

By   Teresa Tande

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for a reason as it has every shade of green imaginable dotting its countryside. But there is more to Ireland than its beautiful landscape. Ireland is a country rich in history, a country where knights battled for territory, King Arthur ruled Camelot, and unexplained stone circles dot the green landscape.  

Now Lake Region residents have a chance to experience the Emerald Isle.

Travelers on LRSC’s Study Abroad trip taking place Spring 2016 will discover for themselves just how beautiful the British Isles are.

This year, LRSC’s Travel Abroad trip will have four days in Ireland, one in Wales, and two in England, from Stratford to Oxford, to London, said Teresa Tande, Associate Professor of English and Humanities at LRSC and tour coordinator.

“From the simplicity of a medieval village in Ireland to the splendor of Windsor Castle in England, and other ancient castles and colleges in between, this year’s trip focuses on different aspects  of literary tradition:  Celtic mythology, King Arthur legends, the Book of Kells, and of course, Shakespeare,” she said.

You can choose to have an extension to travel to Stonehenge and Bath and free time in London.

Tentative dates for the trip are May 16-24.  Although the trip originates as an opportunity for LRSC students to study abroad, it is also an opportunity for LRSC to showcase its commitment to lifelong learning by inviting community members to join, too.

As always, the trip is through EF Travel and so the cost covers everything---flight, lodging, transportation and admissions, breakfasts, and some evening meals; the travelers only need pay for lunches and souvenirs.

For more information on the trip, go to or to  You also may contact or for additional information.  The deadline for the current price, a $200 savings, ends Sept. 30th.