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Academic trip to Europe planned for 2015

By   Erin Wood

Traveling to Europe gave then LRSC student McKenzie Darling an experience she never imagined.

“Being abroad challenged me to exercise the knowledge I had gained prior to the trip and with that, gave me substance to reinforce my foundation knowledge. I grew as a student, as a friend, and as a character,” said the LRSC graduate. 

She is thankful for the growth such a trip provided.

“I could have traveled later in life, but in no way would it have amounted to the experience I gained now, as a student. I was exposed to art like the Mona Lisa), I had my best friends by my side, I was making memories, and I was receiving college course credit on top of it all. There are experiences not worth missing, and this IS one of them.”

Lake Region State College is launching another similar trip in 2015 with a 10-day excursion to Rome, Florence, Paris and London May 18-28. 

Travelers will learn about key art and architecture in those cities. Students will experience cultural enrichment and see their humanities and history studies come to life. 

Trip leader Teresa Tande says, “Lake Region state College’s commitment to cultural experiences and the humanities is long standing. This trip is just one more way for the college to carry out its mission of ‘enhancing lives and community vitality.’” 

The Tour Company takes care of all the arrangements, from getting on the plane before take-off to landing back home.  Check out the following website for costs and more details at Community members also are invited to take part in the trip. College Study Tours Itinerary

To prepare for the educational experience, LRSC students need to take one of the following for 3 credits: 
HUMS 251 or HUMS 252
ART 210 or ART 211 
LRSC ENG 278 or HUMS 299 Special Topics:  Learning Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture through Dan Brown Novels
Spring semester students on the trip will enroll in LRSC HUMS 211:  Cultural Excursions

The trip can be budgeted into their financial aid. Teresa Tande ( can be reached for further information.


EF STUDY ABROAD Q & A:  Rome, Florence, Paris and London in MAY 2015
Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  The trip is set up for 20 people;  more than that and the price goes down a bit;  fewer than that and it goes up a bit.   Each month, the price is evaluated and adjusted.  Generally speaking, the longer you wait to sign up, the more it will cost. Right now, the cost is a bit under $4000.  If you sign up in March, your monthly payments for a trip of a lifetime would be about $300.  Again, the later you sign up, the more your monthly payments will be. 

Q:  Do I need a passport or Visa?
A:  You will need a passport.  If you don’t currently have one, apply as soon as possible.  The most important thing on the passport is how you put your name.  The name on the passport MUST match exactly the name you use to register for the trip with EF.

Q:  Does the money really cover everything?
A:  Except for some noon and evening meals, yes, it covers everything.  Of course, souvenirs and additional entertainment are your expenses.  Expect to have about $100 put into a kitty for tips. 

Q:  What if I want to do some exploring on my own?
A:  The rule with EF is that all planned events are attended by all members.  However, EF is good about working in free time in each major city.  Depending on how much sleep you need, you will generally have a few hours after dinner to also explore. 

Q:  I am the legal drinking age for Europe.  What does that mean for me?
A:  You are an adult and are expected to act as one.  You are still traveling with a group and representing our college and our state, so moderation and common sense are expected.  If you are under 21, however, you will need to have your parents sign an alcohol waiver.  Since this trip is possible only because of our affiliation with the college, we still need to abide by the rules that govern our usual lives.  A signed waiver will give you the opportunity to experience the culture of the cities by having alcohol with meals. 

Q:  What if I change my mind about the trip? 
A:  Read the dates carefully.  The $95 deposit cannot be returned. Then, depending on at what point you decide to pull out of the trip, there is a penalty.  The closer to the departure date, the higher the penalty. So before you sign up, make sure you know your schedule and obligations for the last two weeks in May of 2015. 

Q:  Will I have to room with strangers?
A:  With the exception of the night train to Paris, you will be rooming with others from our trip.  For people under 30, the students are put 4 in a room; people over 30 pay an additional amount so only 2 people are put into a room.  You also have the option of paying additional for a double or single room. 

Q:  How do I know what to pack?
A:  There are a few meetings before the trip.  One of the items discussed is packing for the average weather in the cities we visit.  Fair warning:  One year in Paris was unusually high;  the next year, Paris was rainy and cool/cold.  Be prepared. 

Q:  Will I have to buy special appliances for hair and shaving?
A:  So much depends on the product you have.  Basically, you will need converters and adapters.  What is used London is different from what is used in the other cities.  Know exactly what your appliances are and find the right plug-ins so you don’t blow out your blow dryer or shaver. 

Q:  What if I have more questions?
A:  The EF website has answers to just about any question or at least points you in the right direction. Hopefully, we will come up with a way to deal with Q and A’s via eCollege. You can always contact the trip leader directly: