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Greece trip planned for students

By   Erin Wood

Lake Region State College is offering students a chance to step into their textbooks with a hands-on learning environment that allows them to experience history, arts, and humanities in Greece.

Trip participants will travel to Athens and see the Temple of Zeus, Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Athens Nike, and Olympic Stadium. Other locations visited during the trip include a Saronic Island cruise, Delphi to see the Temple of Apollo, Argolida, Epidaurus, and Mycenae.

“More than any other civilization, the Greeks have contributed to  Western Civilization. This is truly an opportunity to see firsthand the places talked about in mythology, studied in government, learned in drama, and practiced in philosophy,” Tande said.

Freshmen students who want to attend must take Humanities Survey I (HUMS 251) and it is recommended that they take Western Civilization (HIST 103). Students will earn credit for Integrated Cultural Excursion (HUMS 211) by participating in the trip. Several other classes will qualify students for the class, including Greek Mythology. Tande also hopes to offer a special class second semester for anyone who didn’t enroll in these specific courses.

Community members also may travel with Lake Region State College to Greece, Tande said. Seminars will be provided for community members later this academic year.

Cost of the trip is dependent on age, double occupancy, etc… To find out exact cost for an individual, go to   Price includes airfare, lodging, daily breakfast, special meals, transportation, and peace of Mind Insurance.

For more information contact Teresa Tande at 662-1656 or