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Disability Support Services

Welcome to Disability Support Services! Our mission is to provide equal access to educational programs and services for students with disabilities. For more information, contact Amanda Kuhn Disability Services Coordinator, or call 701-662-1689.

Request Accommodations 

Students who plan to use accommodations must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to set up an accommodations plan. In some cases certain accommodations may not be immediately available. Therefore, it is recommended that students meet with Disability Support Services prior to the start of each semester to ensure they can receive accommodations starting on their first day of class.

Students must provide the required documentation in order to be allowed accommodations. Acceptable documentation may include your most recent psychological evaluation, IEP, or a medical report from a physician that clearly states a diagnosis and makes suggestions for accommodations. An IEP alone may not be sufficient documentation.

Lake Region State College follows the Guidelines for Disability Documentation set up by the North Dakota Disability Services Council. Documentation should include:

  1. A clear diagnostic statement that describes how the condition was diagnosed, information on the functional impact and details on the progression or prognosis of the condition. Dates of the original and current diagnostic evaluations need to be included.
  2. A description of the diagnostic methodology, criteria, evaluation methods, procedures, tests used, dates administered, clinical narrative, observations and specific results that are congruent with the particular disability.
    • Documentation for learning disabilities must include test scores and interpretation of aptitude, achievement and, when possible, information processing. Tests used should be current and appropriate for assessing adolescents and adults.
  3. A description of the current functional limitations and how those limitations affect the student in a major life activity. A "functional limitation" is defined as an adverse effects on a major life activity caused by the disability. Functional limitations should be described in terns of how severely the activity is affected by the disability; the frequency with which the activity is affected and how pervasive the disability is in the performance of the major life activity.
  4. A description of current and past accommodations, services and/or medications and their effectiveness in relation to the functional impact of the disability. Information about any significant side effects from current treatment or medication and its effect on physical, perceptual, behavioral and cognitive performance is helpful.
  5. A description of the expected progression or stability of the disability including the expected changes over time, information on the cyclical or episodic nature of the disability and any known suspected environmental triggers.
  6. The credentials of the evaluator/provider that are relevant to the diagnosed disability. The professional should be licensed or otherwise properly credentialed, have appropriate and comprehensive training, relevant experience and have no personal relationship with the individual being evaluated or diagnosed.

Adopted: April 2001
Revised and approved by the Council: October 2006

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What accommodations can I receive?
    • Accommodations are based off of the documented disability of the student. Students may only receive accommodations for the area in which they are limited by their disability. The presence of a disability does not necessarily qualify a student for accommodations.
    • Possible accommodations may include: extended test times, test reader, note-taker, interpreter, etc.
  • In high school I took modified tests; multiple choice tests would have only 2 choices to pick from rather than 4. Will this be available for tests in my college classes?
    • No, this would be considered a modification rather than an accommodation. Students with a disability will be required to complete the exact same work as their peers.
  • When do I need to request accommodations?
    • You should notify the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible if you feel you may need accommodations. Before accommodations may be made, you must have all the proper documentation submitted and you must also meet with the coordinator to determine what accommodations will be necessary. Keep in mind that some accommodations, such as note-takers and interpreting services can take days or even weeks to put in place.
  • How often do I need to meet with the disability services coordinator?
    • You must meet with the coordinator at least once every semester. It is recommended that you check in with disability services a couple of times throughout the semester too, to help ensure we are providing you with the most appropriate accommodations.
  • Can I receive a failing grade for a college class in which I am receiving accommodations?
    • Yes. Accommodations allow students access to education. However, they do not necessarily guarantee success in the class.

Disability Support Services, located within the TRiO/Power Skills Center, offers test accommodations for students who are eligible. In order to be eligible for test accommodations students must:

  1. Have a documented disability which directly limits the student's ability to test in a traditional classroom setting. (Note that not all disabilities will give cause for test accommodations.)
  2. Have met with the Disability Services Coordinator in TRiO/Power Skills to discuss accommodations.
  3. Have a signed accommodations agreement with Disability Services for each semester in which the student needs test accommodations.
  4. Students who receive test accommodations must follow the test proctoring policy listed below:
    (Tests must be scheduled with TRiO/Power Skills at least 24 hours in advance (no exceptions!)

Students must check in with their instructor prior to each test to ensure they have given the test (or password) to the TRiO/Power Skills staff.

  1. Students must work with their instructor to determine the timeline in which they must have their test completed.
  2. Tests must be taken within one week from the date they were given to TRiO staff.
  3. Students who are more than 15 minutes late or who miss their test appointment will need to make arrangement with their instructor to make up the exam.

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