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ND Matching Fund Campaign


Now is a great time to make an investment in education! 

Gifts of two dollars grow to become three dollar gifts because of a matching fund established by North Dakota’s legislature.

During an 18 month window, beginning July 1, 2013, gifts to the Community College Foundation for enhance academics at LRSC, may be matched.  North Dakota’s 63rd Legislative Assembly provided $1 million dollars for LRSC to access through a new matching gift program.  One dollar of state funding is available to match each gift of two dollars for the "enhancement of academics.”  To qualify for a match through the Enhance Academics Campaign gifts must address one of the following priorities:
  •  Research
  •  Scholarships
  •  Technology
  •  Endowed Chairs
  •  Educational Infrastructure

ND Enhanced Academics Matching funds are available for approved projects when at least $25,000 in cash gifts or monetary pledges has been received. 

Match-eligible gifts and pledges must be received between July 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014.

North Dakota's 63rd Legislative Assembly appropriated $5.9 million to support a comprehensive renovation of Lake Region State College's current technical education facility and create 24,000 square feet of new space for teaching-learning activities. The college and all of its stakeholders are delighted that funding for this long awaited project has been secured. The project's design has been thoughtfully planned to support first-rate instruction in a state-of-the-art learning environment. The project will meet the needs of students today and tomorrow. Click here for more information. The advocacy group, Friends of Lake Region State College, is to be commended for its efforts to encourage support for this project. Click here to view editorial by Annette Hofstad, the Friends group chairperson.
State funding for LRSC’s Technical Education Center expansion and renovation will relieve crowding, boost enrollment and create an environment that supports learning.  The funds provided by the legislature must be used for the bricks and mortar aspect of the project.  LRSC and its Foundation are building a campaign to assure the new learning spaces are equipped with top technology resources and the faculty is empowered to expand their skills and explore new ideas.  North Dakota’s legislature set aside $1 million for LRSC to claim through a matching program for the “advancement of enhanced academics.”  The college and its Foundation will work to secure gifts that enhance academics and qualify for the ND matching funds
Lake Region State College is home to the Dakota Precision Ag Center which uses “Answer Farms” to test all phases of crop production using contemporary variable-rate technologies. Support for this practical research is needed and will qualify for matching funds from the ND Enhanced Academics pool.

Under the leadership of Dr. Paul Gunderson, the Dakota Precision Ag Center is quickly gaining stature as a preeminent source of research-based information regarding agronomic practices that support maximized crop yield on a field-specific basis.  With the infusion of new federal funding the Center is currently fast-tracking its plan to provide training services for staff of agri-businesses.  The Center is also accepting students into the new two-year Precision Agriculture degree program which begins in August, 2013.

To learn more about Dakota Precision Ag Center visit: DPAC Director, Dr. Paul Gunderson, is pleased to visit with all who would be interested in supporting an ag-research initiative. He may be contacted at, or you may contact Lake Region State College's Foundation office at (701) 662-1513 or
Keeping pace with rapidly changing technology is a major challenge for LRSC.  Funds are especially critical for programs based in the Technology Education Center.  The college received appropriated resources to expand and remodeling the Center during the 2013 legislative session.  Funding for new/improved classroom and laboratory technologies is not included in the state appropriation for construction.
The list of technology needs for Tech Center based programs is extensive and each program is identifying key needs.  Programs based in the Tech Center include; Automotive Technology, Nursing, Peace Officer Training, Precision Agriculture/Ag Business Management, Simulator Maintenance Technology, Wind Energy Technology.
Cash gifts to support investments in technology will qualify for the ND Enhanced Academics Match ($2 of gift = $1 of match).  Technology gifts may cover the full cost of a specific need or a share of it.  In-kind gifts of needed technology resources are welcome but, unfortunately, do not qualify for the matching fund program.
Click here to learn more about the programs based in the LRSC Technical Education Center.
The “Endowed Chair” has been an important strategy for investing in excellence at higher learning institutions for generations – Greek philosopher, Plato, is recorded to have bequeathed land to maintain his Academy.  This concept has been used by community colleges, less frequently.  But LRSC is pleased to offer the opportunity to invest in education excellence through sponsorship of an endowed chair.
The Endowed chair honors and recognizes the distinction of superior faculty while providing invaluable financial support above and beyond salary, for use in research, teaching, or service activities.  The endowed chair becomes a powerful recruitment tool when vacancies occur, enabling the college to attract and retain highly qualified faculty.
Gift Matching Opportunity:  Support for endowed chairs has been identified as a priority for the ND Enhanced Academics matching fund initiative.  A fully funded endowed chair at LRSC requires an investment of $450,000.  Endowed Chairs may be funded with a single gift/pledge or, through the “Share-a-Chair” program, at $50,000 per share.  Both strategies qualify for the match from the ND Enhanced Academics matching program.  Both strategies also qualify for the 40% ND tax credit
Lake Region State College is seeking support to enhance its education infrastructure. Gifts will be directed to the college’s current capital construction project which involves building a new addition to the technical education complex and renovating two suites of older classrooms and laboratories. Gifts and pledges for this purpose are eligible for the ND Enhanced Academics matching program.
Pending approval from the State Board of Higher Education, Lake Region State College may offer naming rights to a lead donor.
Gifts and pledges for scholarships may qualify for match from the ND Enhanced Academics pool funded by the legislature.  Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and will be matched if received prior to 12-13-14.  Many scholarship donors participate in one of LRSC’s “named” scholarship programs, briefly described below.
  • Named Endowments – Sponsors must provide a gift of $10,000 or larger.  The funds are invested and the earnings are used to provide an award each year.  Sponsors assist in preparing a gift story and commemorative plaque, and may choose to attend an event each year during  which they meet student recipients.
  • Named Annual Scholarships – Sponsors must committee to provide gifts of $500 or larger each year for 5 years.  Sponsor names appear on a plaque and sponsors are invited to attend an event each year during which they meet student recipients.
Click here for additional information about scholarship opportunities.

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